4th May 2016

Staff Movie Review: ‘Battle Mountain: Graeme Obree’s Story’

Ged-HolmyardWritten by Ged, Comms Person at the Bike Co-op

‘A bike is a magic carpet ride that takes you over the hills and far away.’

That’s just one of the many memorable Obree quotes still floating around my brain a couple of days after watching Battle Mountain at Edinburgh’s Cameo Cinema.

Battle Mountain is much more than a film about a much-loved cyclist from the ‘90s, making an attempt on a land speed record on an HPV (human power vehicle) at the age of 48. The movie is superbly edited to tell the story of that project in the context of the astonishing highs and frightening lows of Graeme’s whole life and career.

In the end, it’s a really life-enhancing film, which shows today’s Obree to be in great form – as inventive, as left field and as funny as ever. Put it this way, I’ve never laughed so much at a cycling film before (with the possible exception of Jaques Tati’s Jour de Fete, which was made before even I was born).

Battle Mountain is now available to buy on iTunes


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