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Koga Electric Bikes

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op’s buying team take every opportunity to visit the companies who supply us. On returning from a recent trip to the Netherlands to visit Koga (somebody has to do it) they made two telling points.

Rotherham to Rotterdam

Our Sheffield customer, Paul Truin, who loves to make the most of his Brompton’s luggage-carrying capacity, is riding from Rotherham to Rotterdam for the National Autistic Society.

Exceptional Services

If you buy a bike from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op you can be confident that the bicycle will be thoroughly checked over before you receive it. Every nut & bolt will be tight, the wheels trued, cables tensioned and disc brakes bled if required. We devote around an hour on each bike.

Kids’ bikes: an introduction

Like swimming your first length or playing your first chord on the guitar, learning to ride a bike is one of those lifetime landmark achievements you will never forget.

You might set off with a feeling of trepidation. You might wobble a little. Then suddenly it all comes together. You realize that you can balance, steer and pedal simultaneously. The feeling of empowerment is intoxicating.