8th February 2017

Our most popular commuter clothing: Altura NightVision

night vision cycling clothing

Continuing our focus on good stuff that has been round the block a million times, we bring you Altura NightVision.

Altura released their first NightVision Jacket back in 2005. It was waterproof, breathable, reasonably priced, cut for cycling without being too tight, and available in a huge range of sizes for men and women.

The most eye-catching feature of the NightVision was that this jacket boasted more retro-reflective stripes, chevrons and logos than any that came before. What’s more, these reflectives were strategically positioned to help ensure you would be seen from every angle.Altura NightVision Cycling Jacket

The original NightVision was such a success, Altura developed it into a complete range that included overtrousers, tights, jerseys, socks, gloves and hi-vis vests.

Every NightVision garment performs well in its own right. For instance NightVision Gloves are cosy, windproof and padded in the right places, plus they’re dedicated to maximising your chance of being seen night AND day. This is a serious point. Sure it might be second nature to make yourself more visible at night, but wearing NightVision will also help you get spotted in daylight too.

The People’s Choice

Well made, good value and a leader in reflective technology, with so much going for it, it’s little wonder that NightVision remains to this day, the cycle clothing brand we most frequently spot on our daily commutes.

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