4th May 2016

Staff Review: Abus Bordo Granit X Plus Lock


The Abus Bordo locks fit around skinny trees and fat lampposts. Here, protecting the Whyte Coniston electric bike.

Written by Simon, Digital Marketer at Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

simon“When I was a student at university I used to leave my trusty bicycle tied to a lamppost every night with a cable lock. I never thought much of it, since I was living in a reasonably nice area of Edinburgh, and my bike was also the kind you’d find sitting next to a skip.

And yet, somebody stole it anyway. I still remember walking up to the empty lamppost with my key in hand, looking up and down the street in confusion, the severed cable lock lying at my feet. Never again! Now that I have a serious bike, I need a serious lock.

Abus Bordo Folding Locks

The Abus Bordo Granit X Plus Lock, the top of the Bordo range, is the kind of lock that bicycle thieves have nightmares about. With 6 steel bars each at 5.5mm thick it’s a serious piece of engineering that would probably withstand a hand grenade, let alone a pair of bolt cutters.

I’m sure its unusual shape – a sort of hexagon – will also be a deterrent to thieves and make it difficult to get ‘purchase’ on, unlike a regular D-lock. I can imagine it wiggling about while two men in balaclavas try and attack it with sledgehammers.


Security and functionality

You’d know about it if you dropped it on your foot. At 1.7kg it has the kind of heft that instills you with confidence, not only as a bicycle lock but also as a sort of weapon if the need ever arose.

It’s not the cheapest lock on the market at £89.99, but I can now go into the shops or a pub without worrying my £2,000 Whyte Coniston has been taken for a permanent joyride. It also unfolds into a big enough circle that you can get it around your bike and a fat lamppost, so you’ll never have to hunt for a skinny lamppost again.

Despite this functionality, the Bordo is compact; it folds up into a block and fixes to your bike in a neat little case with strong Velcro straps, or you can choose to chuck it in a rucksack. It also doesn’t rattle every time you go over a bump, which is a godsend in a city like Edinburgh. And finally, it comes with two keys and a sort of credit card with a serial number in case you lose your keys. Which is great for someone as likely to lose their keys as I am.



If you regularly leave your bike around town or in a stairwell, the Abus Bordo is probably the most sensible investment you could make this year. I find it extremely convenient and pleasant to use, it doesn’t take up much space, and it makes me feel confident that I’ll never have to report a stolen bike again.”

Check out the Abus Bordo folding locks

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