12th January 2016

Staff Review: 7mesh Revelation Waterproof Cycling Jacket

gary with 7mesh revelation waterproof cycling jacket

Written by Gary, the Co-op’s Senior Graphic Designer

Every so often you make a purchase that’s so good you feel compelled to tell everyone from your friends to the cat about:

I’ve been fortunate enough to recently purchase a 7mesh Revelation jacket.

Now, I appreciate that spending over £300 on a cycling jacket is enough to bring most folks out in a cold sweat – try getting that one past your better half! – but once I got it, it was a proper treat. The hardest part was resisting the urge to simply leave it hanging up and admire it. It’s so beautiful I couldn’t bring myself to get it dirty.

I don’t want to bore you with the technical details, suffice to say it’s the world’s first Gore Tex Pro cycling jacket and it’s unbelievably water repellent. Having taken it out for the first time this weekend, here are some of the things that I loved about the Revelation.

The Aston Martin of Jackets

Firstly, I love the colour, which is always a good start, and is one of the most important things I look for when choosing cycle wear. It’s a kind of mustard yellow, bright enough to be seen but muted enough that you could wear it off the bike without fear of ridicule. On top of that, I love the fact it’s elegantly understated and not plastered in large look-at-me logos. It’s like the Aston Martin of jackets.

gary at glenogle wearing 7mesh revelation jacket

The view in Glenogle, Scotland. Take National Cycling Route 7 from Killin to Strathyre.

Secondly, it’s super light-weight. Since my climbing days I’ve been a fan of layering, so I prefer my jackets to be a waterproof shell rather than a full-on jacket; Something tough but lightweight that can easily be folded and popped into a pocket or bag when not required. No liners, fleece or rear pockets here, thank you very much. I know it’s a cliché, but the Revelation is so ridiculously light you barely notice you’re wearing it.

After wearing it all day in the rain, I was utterly delighted to be completely dry. I know that that’s what you’d expect, but believe me, I’ve had expensive waterproof jackets in the past that have been less than satisfactory in this department. Any water simply beaded and rolled off – It was a beautiful sight. You could have videoed it and entered it for the Turner Prize.

Making the cut: Additional features

The Revelation comes with a very handy hood that fits nicely under your helmet, and for those who prefer to ride without a hood, it’s attached by poppers so can be quickly removed. Talking of handy features, as well as the usual under-arm vents this jacket comes with small vents on the tops of your forearms. As the temperature was sitting around 1 degree I didn’t have any use for these at the weekend, but I can see how they’d be ha
ndy for cooling down when it’s warmer.

I love the fact it’s elegantly understated and not plastered in large look-at-me logos.

This is a top-of-the-range technical cycling jacket so the cut reflects this. By this I mean the cut of the jacket is properly functional, and not a figure-hugging cut made for race whippets. I particularly like the fact the shoulders and sleeves have been formed in a way that when your hands are on the bars, they’re the perfect length and in the right position – no elbow stretch or riding up at the cuffs. When I first tried it on I thought, “Ooh that feels a little bit odd,” but once on the bike it was perfect. It also looks good when you’re off the bike, so you can still wear it in a casual capacity.

So how would I sum up the 7mesh Revelation jacket? Bloody brilliant, and one of the best items of cycling clothing I’ve ever bought.

7mesh Revelation Cycling JacketCheck out the 7mesh Revelation cycling jacket here

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