4th October 2016

5ten cycling shoes keep your feet planted, no matter what

5ten cycling shoes

5Ten originally made their name in climbing circles with their super-grippy Stealth rubber soles, famed for adhering to rocks that lesser soles might slip off.

Stealth sole’s adhesion matched with their shock absorption cross over perfectly for cycling too – especially trails and trials riding.

What makes 5ten cycling shoe great

  • Used with flat pedals with grip pins, 5Ten Stealth soles keep your feet where they need to be for maximum pedalling efficiency.
  • The sole is so sticky your foot will never slip, even in the wettest, muddiest conditions
  • 5Tens effectively prevent the painful prospect of whacking an ankle on a pedal.
  • In fact the sole’s grip is so tenacious, you’ll have to take your weight off the pins should you ever want to reposition your foot a little further forward or back.
  • If you ever have to dab your foot, 5Tens enable faster bailout than SPDs.
  • Stealth soles also prove their worth whenever you get off your bike to hike.
  • Although they’re not guaranteed waterproof, 5Tens are substantial enough to keep your feet dry over a two-hour rainy ride.
  • Worn by, for instance, Danny MacAskill and DH world champ Danny Hart, 5Ten’s best-selling Freerider models are acknowledged as MTB classics.
  • 5Ten lifestyle models such as the Spitfire (still with Stealth soles) cross over perfectly for everyday wear, on or off the bike, whilst still offering a level of comfort and grip you’ll never find on a similar priced fashion sneaker.

DMR Pedals – the perfect match for 5Tens

DMR are a British company whose flat pedals are famed for their slightly concave profile, proven to be the perfect sole-mates for most feet since their launch in 1995.

DMR V6 Flat Pedals RRP £17.99 £16.19

DMR v6 flat pedals for cycling

Super grippy and available in 5 different colours.

As is the way with all our ranges, we stand by these pedals with the promise that we would recommend even the least expensive DMR model (the V6) to a friend, a lover or a family member.

However, you do get what you pay for so as you gravitate up the DMR price ladder you are rewarded as follows.

The DMR V6 has a nylon body with moulded pins and will offer you years of service.

danny mcaskill 5ten shoes

Danny Mcaskill wears 5tens. Just saying.

The DMR V8’s one-piece aluminium body is intrinsically stronger and should shrug off knocks that might crack a nylon pedal. Its 8 screw-in studs are tuneable for preferred length and replaceable if the originals wear down. It even comes supplied with a syringe to make it easy to re-grease the pedal bearings.

The DMR V12 is 100g lighter than the V8 and spins even smoother on cartridge sealed bearings.

The DMR Vault has a larger platform for maximum foot support yet its slim modified shape means the underside is less likely to catch on rocks. Add its CNC-machined build quality and you’ll understand why it was rated as ‘Quite simply the best on the market — highly recommended’ by MBR mag. Review.


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