15th October 2014

5p Carrier Bag Charge in Scotland

shop-frontLike every shop in Scotland, Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op will be legally obliged to charge at least 5p per carrier bag from this Monday, 20 October 2014.

The laudable aim of this initiative is to discourage littering and to encourage bag reuse. Plus, this new carrier bag tariff gives us the opportunity to contribute all money raised to a good cause.

Being a co-op we canvassed our members (the staff) to propose their favourite charities.

Being Scottish, we organised an internal referendum on this issue.

Appropriately, the cause that received most votes was the one which could potentially benefit the majority of our customers – sustrans.org – the cycle route-creating charity.

We are therefore delighted to announce that all monies collected from the Carrier Bag Charge in our shops in Bruntsfield and Canonmills, Edinburgh, and in Aberdeen will be donated to Sustrans.

Naturally, we urge customers who want to avoid paying the 5p carrier bag charge to use a reusable bag (or basket) whenever possible.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our carrier bag initiative.

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