6th November 2014

2015 Frog Bikes

Frog Road 70

Introduction to Frog Kids’ Bikes

Frog are Britain’s kids’ bike specialists. That’s all they produce. Frog’s kids’ range isn’t an afterthought. It’s their reason to be.

Frog are a British company who have revolutionised our expectations of what we have come to expect from children’s bike since their launch just over a year ago.

Frog’s winning formula is to create lighter weight, better spec’d, better designed kids’ bikes at prices that are competitive with their closest rivals.

This formula of creating lighter weight, more intelligently designed kids’ bikes has obviously been a success with our customers because, within a year of their launch, Frog bikes have firmly established themselves as our best-selling children’s bikes.

The Frog Bike Formula – what makes every Frog bike better?

Frog 62

Lightweight alloy frame
Like most better-quality adult bikes, Frog bikes are built with aluminium frames and (mostly) aluminium parts to keep the weight to a minimum to help ensure your child enjoys the best possible introduction to biking.

Lightweight alloy components
Sure, more and more companies are making kids’ bikes with alloy (rather than heavier steel) frames and alloy wheel rims. Frog stand out for the fact that all their bikes’ major components – the forks, hubs, cranksets, brakes, brake levers, handlebars and seatposts – are aluminium alloy too to keep the bike’s weight to a minimum.

Hybrid bike tyres
Recognising that kids’ bikes are mostly ridden on tarmac, Frog bikes (apart from their road bikes, which have even skinnier tyres) are shod with good quality Kenda 1.5 inch-wide hybrid tyres which are easier rolling than the 2 inch-wide knobbly mountain bike tyres you’ll find on most of their competitors’ bikes. Skinnier tyres make a Frog bike easier to get up to speed and hence more fun to ride.

Whether it’s made for adults or kids, a bicycle will only delight if it fits right, however impressively it is equipped.

To this end, Frog take an original approach by sizing their bikes by inside leg measurement AKA standover height, rather than wheel size (which is how most kids’ bikes are described).

For instance, the 20-inch wheel Frog 52 is recommended for children with a minimum inside leg measurement of 52cm (20.5 inches). This makes it a great present for children from 5/6 years old. It comes with a long aluminium seatpost with a quick release seat binder to make it easy to adjust the saddle as the child grows all the way up to 8, 9 or 10 years old.

However, Frog offer a second 20-inch wheel option with a slightly larger frame – the Frog 55 with 55cm (21.5 inches) standover clearance.

Offering different sizing options – even when the bikes have the same wheel size – is a perfect illustration of the extra care taken by Frog to help ensure their bikes fit better than their rivals’ who offer their 20-inch wheel bikes in just one frame size.

Frog’s sizing policy delivers genuine choice. If the Frog 55 is too big, a Frog 52 might be perfect. If your youngster can manage the bigger size, the Frog 55 will last that bit longer till it’s outgrown in years to come.

Kids’ bike sizing chart from Frog.

Frog Road 58

Frog Road 58

Frog Road Bike – New for 2015 (and in stock now)

Frog have just launched (November 2014) the most coherent, well thought-out range of kids’ road bikes we have ever had the pleasure to offer, with three models to choose from.

  • The 20-inch wheel Frog Road 58 for kids as young as 5-6 years old
  • The 24-inch wheel Frog Road 67 for kids from around 8-12 years old
  • The 26-inch wheel Frog Road 70 for kids from around 11 years old
Frog Road 67

Frog Road 67

Each of these three road bikes follow the proven Frog formula – to deliver the best quality and most child-friendly spec possible for the money, starting with a strong, lightweight aluminium frame and fork.

Child-Friendly Microshift 9-speed gear shifters / brake levers and mechs
The Microshift 9-speed shifter is integrated with the right-hand brake lever in a Shimano STI dual control style to make it very user friendly. Simply nudge the silver brake lever inwards to shift into a lower gear, or click the black return lever inwards to shift to a higher gear.

Frog Road 70

Frog Road 70

Opting for Microshift over Shimano shifters and mechs was not a cheap option. Frog spec’d a Microshift shifter/lever (which retails for over £100) because it’s at least as good as Shimano Claris in quality, and because it has the shortest-reach brake lever (measured from lever blade to handlebar) and the shortest gear-change ‘sweep’, making it the best dual control shifter on the market for riders with smaller hands.

To keep it simple for the youngest riders, both the Frog 58 and the the Frog 67 make do with a single shifter, single chainring, single gear mech 9-speed set up. The Frog 70 for older kids progresses to a double chainset and 2×9 shifting.

Frog drop handlebars
Frog couldn’t find a suitable drop handlebar on the market, so they designed a unique drop bar that is the correct width, appropriate to a small rider’s shoulder width, and with minimum drop to make it easier for the young rider to switch hand position.

Two pairs of brake levers
Frog road bikes come with Tektro Oryx cantilever brakes, which we have seen on £1,000 adult cross bikes and touring bikes. These brakes can be applied from the Microshift child-friendly drop bar levers. Alternatively, if the young cyclist rides with his or her hands comfortably perched on the bar tops, they can control their speed via the Tektro auxiliary bar-top levers.

Two pairs of tyres
A frog road bike comes fitted with respected name-brand (Kenda) 1 1/8-inch wide road tyres for authentic road bike speed potential.

Uniquely, every Frog road bike also comes supplied with a second pair of 1 3/8-inch wide cyclocross tyres (and frame clearance to cope). Swapping over to these slightly wider, more knobbly tyres doesn’t just give the young rider an early opportunity to take up cyclocross racing. They make the bike more fit for exploring unpaved cycle paths – just like an adult cyclocross bike. You might consider these options as the bike’s summer and winter tyres.

Frog Starter Bikes and Hybrid Bikes – upgraded for 2015 (and in stock now)

Frog 43Frog established their good name over the past year with their lighter weight, easier-to-ride ‘first pedal bikes’ (the Frog 43 and the Frog 48) and their smooth-riding kid’s hybrid bikes, the Frog 52, Frog 55, Frog 62, Frog 69 and Frog 73.

These bikes have proven so popular, Frog have stuck pretty much with their proven formula for 2015, barring two significant upgrades.

To address the observation that some youngsters felt a bit overstretched on 2014 Frog bikes, the top tube, the handlebar stem and the crank arm will be shorter on every 2015 model

Simultaneously, Frog have upgraded the gearing on every hybrid bike to Shimano Alivio Rapidfire Plus 8-speed level (frequently spotted on £500-£600 adult hybrid and mountain bikes).

Frog Bikes in Their Own Words

We are a small British company dedicated to making cycling fun for children. We believe that the lighter the bike, the easier it is for children to learn to ride, and to enjoy it more as they progress. Many children’s bikes on the market weigh nearly as much as the child! So we set about re-designing the kids’ bike, sourcing a light but strong aluminium frame, and hand-picking components that offer a high performance without compromising the weight. The founders, Jerry and Shelley, are a couple who have 2 small children of their own – both keen cyclists. So they know something about what motivates children to get on their bikes! Since the first prototype arrived, the bikes have always been robustly tested by the children and all their friends.’

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