18th September 2014

15% Trade-In For Your Old Helmet

helmet-amnesty-1Bought your bike helmet from us three or more years ago?

Trade it in and we’ll give you 15% off a new one.

This offer recognises an inevitable reality. A bike helmet, like most things you wear, will deteriorate over time.

Even if it never sustains the kind of impact that warrants immediate replacement, a bike helmet will most likely suffer scrapes, spills and UV degradation over the years.

Perhaps more significantly, even if it comes with replaceable / washable pads, a bike helmet can become somewhat whiffy with age. We suspect this is the real reason why helmet companies such as Giro and Catlike suggest you replace a well-used lid after three years.

However long you keep your helmet, we want you to do so in confidence that we will honour our 15% trade-in offer.

That is, if you buy your helmet from the Bike Co-op, you can return it 3, 5, 8 or even 20 years later, and you will qualify for 15% off the price of your next one.

For obvious practical reasons, we have made the hard-headed decision to restrict our helmet trade-in offer to in-store sales. We therefore urge you not to go to the trouble of sending your old helmet back to us.

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