14th March 2019

10 uses for an electric cargo bike

10 uses for an electric cargo bike

Not sure an electric cargo bike is worth the investment? Here we run through ten ways a e-cargo bike can easily fit into your daily life.

Home and Family

  1. The School and nursery run. Yes, you can use the car but it’s nots teaching your children healthy habits and getting parked is likely a nightmare. While walking might be an alternative for some families, it might be too far for little legs and then you have to think about your onward journey back home, to the gym etc too. An electric cargo bike is fun, quick and very practical. The electric-assist means you won’t arrive too hot and bothered either.
  2. Shopping. Electric cargo bikes can carry quite hefty loads. Far more than you’d think! Just adjust the electric assist up a bit on the way home and you won’t even feel the load you’re carrying.
  3. Your daily commute. If you carry more than a small handbag to work, you might think a bike isn’t practical. But with an e-cargo bike you can take your sports kit for that after work workout, an overnight bag for business trips and anything else you might need. Plus, you can even pick up a passenger with the Tern GSD.
  4. Moving house. Yes really! You might not fit that double wardrobe on there but it’s more than capable of carrying a few suitcases and boxes. Perfect if you want to encourage your teenager to fly the nest 🙂

5. Local journeys. Be honest. How many journeys do you make by car (or bus) that are less than a few kms away. Trips to the cinema, a friends house, a football match? It doesn’t matter where you’re going, you can bring passengers or even a load of clothes to drop off at the charity shop on your way. All without the hassle or expense of finding a parking space.

Read Lindsay’s story of how she chose a cargo bike over the family car for a real account of life as a cargo-biking family.


  1. Deliveries. This might seem obvious but if your workplace makes deliveries to local customers or businesses, an electric cargo bike could revolutionise your business model. Think what the savings would be compared to running a car! Your eco credentials would soar too.
  2. Advertising. Add some branding your e-cargo bike and it instantly becomes a movable advert for your business, even if it’s parked up for some of the day.
  3. Meetings and events. Making a presentation at another office? Bring your laptop, roller banners, freebies and arrive in style. Remember, the electric assist means even longer journeys and hills won’t leave you hot and bothered.
  4. Getting between locations. Do you need to carry equipment between each of your jobs like a window cleaner or plumber? Use an electric cargo bike and enjoy reduced costs and a real USP against your competitors who aren’t meeting eco-friendly customer demands.
  5. Shopping and supplies. Whether your a baker who needs raw ingredients or a busy office who gets through stacks of loo roll, use an e-cargo bike for picking up all sorts of supplies.

Take a look at this video to see how an electric cargo bike could work for your business or if you know a business who you think could switch to e-cargo bikes, let them know!

Try an Electric Cargo Bike

Like a car – but so much more sustainable, versatile and healthier – buying an e-cargo bike is a big decision. If you’re daunted by the decision, remember you can take an electric cargo bike for a demo to see how it would fit in to your daily life. The cost of the demo will be taken off the cost of your bike or given to you in a gift voucher so you’re no worse off for trying one out.

We also have a Demo Day taking place on Saturday 13 April in Edinburgh where we’ll have a range of bikes – including electric cargo bikes – available to try.

Paying for an Electric Cargo Bike

If you then decide to buy, there are a number of payment options. For both families and businesses, there are interest free loans available from the Energy Saving Trust along with other credit options too. Read more here.

More about Electric Cargo Bikes

Our electric cargo bike stock is coming soon, we have the Tern GSD S00 up and ready to go. You can read more about this bike in particular here.



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