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Fabric Water Bottle


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Product Details

Fabric Water Bottle

The Fabric Water Bottle is our first cage-less bicycle bottle. You can carry this bottle on the bike even if it doesn't have a water bottle cage.

  • The Fabric Water Bottle is supplied with a pair of plastic studs, which replace your frame's bottle cage bolts.
  • Fitting the bottle is simply a matter of sliding the bottle's two grooves so it mates with the two studs.
  • Given that the two studs weigh just 3g, the Fabric Water Bottle saves you around 50g (the average weight of a bottle cage).
  • Removing the cage(s) helps maintain the clean lines of your bike.
  • A second pair of studs come supplied so you can easily share the bottle between two bikes.
  • BPA free and boasting a wide screw top and a tooth-friendly pop-up stopper, the bottle is well made by Fabric - the people who make similarly clever, minimal saddles.
  • 22oz / 625ml capacity.

We tested the Fabric Water Bottle and came to the following conclusions.

  • Fitting the bottle to two studs isn't quite as much a no-brainer as fitting a bottle to a cage.
  • You can't just fit the bottle on-the-move any way round - you've got to aim the grooves at the studs.
  • With practice you will get it right most times.
  • It's a bit like the difference between stepping your feet onto regular flat pedals and clipping into Looks.
  • If you never get the knack, the Fabric Bottle still has its place.
  • For instance, you can use it as your second bottle to carry extra drink to top up your first (regular cage-mounted) bottle once you've emptied it.
  • The Fabric Water Bottle can be especially useful if you have, say, a Kryptonite lock mounted to a seat tube bracket, leaving insufficient space to mount a bottle cage to the down tube.