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Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle

Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle

  • Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle
  • Titanium rail bicycle saddle
  • Flat top bicycle saddle for flat out road riding

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Product Description


Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle

The Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle is like the same company's Flat Elite Saddleupgraded with titanium rails to reduce weight and to offer a wee bit more compliance.

Fabric Scoop saddles stand out for their exceptionally clean minimalist design.

The saddle's waterproof microfibre cover is moulded to its one-piece nylon base - not stitched or stapled on as is normally the case. This one-piece design is the bike saddle equivalent to the inmould process Giro pioneered 20-plus years ago when they revolutionised bike helmet design.

Shallow, Flat or Radius?
Fabric Scoop saddles are available in three shapes which the manufacturer describes as Shallow, Flat or Radius.

If you ride in racy, aero-tuck, flat-back position with minimal contact with the saddle, you'll most likely get on best with this minimally padded Flat saddle's shape.

If you mostly ride with your back at a 40-50 degree angle, you will most likely prefer a Fabric Scoop Shallow saddle, which describes a shallow downward curve from mid-saddle to the sides.

If you prefer to ride in a more upright position, which intrinsically puts more of your weight on the saddle you will most likely get on best with the Radius version which is slightly more curved and a wee bit more padded than a Scoop Shallow saddle.

  • The microfibre cover is waterproof, hard wearing, pleasant to sit on and achieves the balance of making it easy to either ride in the same position or move forward and back as you desire.
  • The saddle's light pu foam cushioning delivers comfort without ever feeling squidgy.
  • The nylon base offers a tiny degree of welcome flex.
  • The Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle's hollow titanium rails save weight and enhance comfort without sacrificing strength, thanks to their oxidation -resistant CrNi coating.
  • 282mm long x 142mm wide.
  • Weight: 236g - based upon weighing one Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle at Bike Co-op HQ in April 2015.
  • Be aware that cycling equipment specifications can change without notice so please regard our published weights as an honest but approximate guide.

'All of Fabric's Scoop saddles share the same simple three-part manufacturing process; they comprise of a cover, base and rail.*** This minimal manufacturing technique removes any staples and excess material which is synonymous with traditional saddle design – this further reduces weight, improves comfort and is much easier to clean. Our exclusive new construction technique allows for a more comfortable foam topper and improved flexibility in the base. Every Scoop is encased with a durable and waterproof microfibre cover which is grippy whilst still allowing you to move freely around the saddle.'


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