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Exposure Diablo MK9

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Product Details

Exposure Diablo MK9

The Diablo superpower helmet or bar mount front bicycle light's 1,500 lumen output is bright enough to flood the trail and pick out every every detail so you can night ride with confidence.

Alternatively, it can be turned down for long burntime nocturnal rides on the open road.

Battery Power
The lamps 3,400 mAh rechargeable battery offers variable burn times from 1 hour at 1,500 lumens for unlit roads to 24 hours at 58 lumens for commuting. For all that power, the battery is self-contained inside the lamp's case. The battery is fit for around 1,000 charges after which the light can be returned to Exposure's Sussex HQ to get the battery replaced at a reasonable price.

Tap Activated Power
If you ride with the lamp mounted to your helmet, you can change mode with a simple tap on the light or the helmet.

Smart Port Technology
This port makes is possible to power, say, a rear light from the Diablo. What's more Exposure also also produce mini and micro USB Boost cables that would enable you to power your Garmin or iPhone from the light. These Boost cables are optional extras.

Status Display
The new OLED panel gives programme and mode information before switching to a burntime countdown. When charging, the OSD displays the percentage of stored energy left in the battery cells.

Fuel Gauge
The fuel gauge changes colour from green to amber to red to make it easy to keep an eye on the battery's charge status.

USB cable or smart charger rechargeable
Supplied with 1.5A smart charger and USB cable charger. Charge time with smart charger: 4 hours.

Hand machined in the UK
Everything about this lamp exudes Exposure's trademark build quality from its CNC-machined body to its stainless steel on/off/function-selection button. You can tell by the fact that this is the eighth generation version of this lamp that the Diablo is one highly evolved bicycle light.

Flexible Mounting
Supplied with both handlebar and helmet mounts. The helmet mount is ball jointed to offer infinite adjustment options.

Intelligent Thermal Management
Patented circuitry protects the LEDs from overheating so neither the lamp's output nor its longevity is compromised.

Compact and lightweight
115mm long by up-to 41mm diameter. Exposure tell us the Diablo Mk8 weighs just 120g.

Here's how Exposure describes the Diablo
Aggressive riding demands no margin for error and the Diablo floods the trail with light to take in all the detail you need to win the challenge. Effortless control using TAP allows you to swiftly change mode to match the pace of the trail with a mere tap to the light, so you can unleash the 1500 lumens when you need it: Sending it! Couple this with a lightweight, CNC engineered aluminium body and the Diablo gives you licence to raise hell on the trail.

Remember to dip or dim your light when appropriate
The development of bicycle lights of this quality, which help us ride safer and with more self confidence after dark, is mostly a wonderful thing.

Be aware that blinding fellow road/path/trail users makes nobody happier or safer, so please be a good cycling ambassador and dip or dim your high power lights whenever it's appropriate.

Happily, just about every front lamp we currently sell can be literally dipped on the fly by lightly pushing the front down so the the beam is directed downwards.

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