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Continental Nordic Spike Tyre

Continental Nordic Spike Tyre

  • Continental Nordic Spike Tyre
  • 700x42 hybrid bike tyre for icy conditions
  • Promotes confident cycling

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Product Description


Continental Nordic Spike Tyre

Significantly, the German company Continental go to Finland to manufacture their Nordic winter ice tyre.

With a hardened steel spike on every other outer tread block, the Continental Nordic Spike Tyre offers impressive traction on icy roads.

  • Fits bikes such as rugged hybrids which have the clearance to take these 700x42 Continental Nordic Spike Tyres.
  • The well-spaced mountain bike-like knobbly tread promotes self cleaning, and helps shed snow and slush.
  • Wire bead.
  • Recommended inflation range: 50-65psi.
  • Restricting the 120 spikes to the outer tread blocks makes the Continental Nordic quieter running than most spike tyres.
  • (If you're wondering why the tyre's centre blocks are drilled for spikes but not fitted with them, Continental also do a more expensive 240-spike version of this tyre, using the same carcass and tread.)
  • Weight: 870g based upon weighing one Continental Nordic Spike Tyre 700x42 tyre at Bike Co-op HQ in January 2015.
  • For a good review of this tyre visit road.ccwho gave it a 4/5 rating.


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