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CatEye Volt 800 USB RC Front Light

CatEye Volt 800 USB RC Front Light

  • CatEye Volt 800 Front USB RC Light
  • 800 lumen front bike light
  • Made by bicycle lighting experts, CatEye

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Product Description


CatEye Volt 800 Front USB RC Light

Ever the improvers, CatEye's best sub-£100 front light has been upgraded from 700 to 800 lumen output. That's bright enough to deliver dipped car headlight-like levels of illumination to light up the lanes ahead.

  • This 800 lumen diode output is bright enough to light the way for night time riding on unlit roads and paths.
  • The lens's side 'windows' help ensure you get seen by traffic approaching from all sides.
  • Self-contained torch-style lamp - the Li-ion rechargeable battery is stored within the lamp, not as an external battery pack as was the case with first-generation high-power bike lights.
  • The (supplied) USB charger plugs into the lamp so you won't have to remove the Li-ion battery to replenish it.
  • Cartridge battery system - the Li-ion rechargeable battery doubles as the rear half of the lamp - the part you hold if you carried it like a torch.
  • This cartridge battery screws firmly into the front of the lamp to ensure perfect contact - the key to lamp reliability.
  • You can purchase a spare Volt battery to carry on longer rides - simply unscrew the original battery if it runs out of charge, and screw on your fully charged spare.
  • This cartridge system also enables you to replace the original battery once its capacity drops below 70%, after around 300 charge cycles.(This is not always the case. Many rechargeable front bike lights are sealed units that don't enable a change of battery.)
  • Supplied with FlexTight bracket.
  • Another example of CatEye's genius, the FlexTight bracket requires no tools to fit it, and its knurled wheel adjuster makes it easy to fine tune the bracket's tightness on any diameter of handlebar to ensure the lamp stays firmly in place, yet loose enough to manually dip the lamp so it doesn't dazzle oncoming cyclists, drivers and walkers.
  • A docking station to charge a spare battery is available as an optional extra.
  • Helmet mount bracket also available.
  • Fork mount bracket also available.
  • Recharge time: 5-11 hours.
  • Size: 116mm long x 31mm wide x 43mm top to bottom.
  • Weight: only 135g (lamp with battery) + 18g (FlexTight bracket) - checked at Bike Co-op HQ, August 2015.
  • Run Times: 2 hours on 800lm high beam, 3.5h normal mode (350lm), 10h all-night mode (150lm), 7h on 800lm hyper constant (constant with intermittent flash) mode and 50h flashing (150lm).

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