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CatEye Volt 400XC/Rapid Mini USB RC Set

CatEye Volt 400XC/Rapid Mini USB RC Set

  • Better quality front and rear bike light set
  • 400 lumen front. 25 lumen rear
  • Economical - USB rechargeable

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Product Description


CatEye Volt 400XC/Rapid Mini USB RC Set

This front and rear bike light set matches impressive output, light weight and a reasonable price that would have been unimaginable a few years ago.

CatEye Volt 400XC

This USB-rechargeable front bicycle light is bright enough to light up the road or path ahead yet comes in at just 95g.

Hot feature: if you're using the CatEye Volt 400XC in any of this lamp's lower power modes, double clicking the button takes you instantly back to its brightest beam. This is a very useful feature if you're suddenly plunged into darkness and you want to revert to maximum output immediately.

  • The CatEye Opticube lens magnifies the LED's 400 lumen output.
  • USB-rechargeable Li-ion battery for convenience and economy.
  • 3 modes: High / Low / Flash.
  • Constant beam run times: 3 hours on high 400 lumen beam. 8 hours on 100 lumen beam, 18 hours on 50 lumen beam (fine for city riding).
  • Hyper Constant mode 400/50 lumen run time:11hours
  • Flashing mode 50 lumen run time: 60 hours
  • Recharge time: 3-6 hours.
  • Manufacturer's published weight: 120g.

    CatEye Rapid Mini USB RC Rear Light
    The Rapid Mini is a small-but-brilliant 25 lumen USB rechargeable rear bike light featuring a super powerful central LED to make it even more eye catching.

    • Triple LED with extra powerful centre LED.
    • Up to 25 lumen output.
    • Integrated USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery for convenience and economy.
    • Robust rubber O-Ring fittings make it easy to switch the Cat Eye Rapid Mini between different bikes.
    • Four Modes: Constant, Flash, Rapid or Pulse.
    • Runtime: 2–30 hrs depending on mode.
    • Mode Memory - whenever you switch the light on, it reverts to the mode selected the last time it was used.
    • Manufacturer's published weight: 31g.

    Edinburgh Bicycle support recycling electrical equipment.


    Customer Reviews (1)

    Excellent output & well made, let down by mountingReview by DJ
    As a crofter, a lot of my cycling is done on Scotland's rural backroads with numerous lurking hazards that include pot holes, ruts from heavy vehicles, wildlife, stray sheep, mud and spilled slurry/sileage, and fallen branches. By day, they're bad enough but by night they're even worse and good lighting with decent projection is essential. I also need to be seen by ageing farmers with poor eyesight at the wheel of tractors, loaders, combines and lime spreaders (and yes, I'm one of them!), as well as by the usual traffic belting around my neck of the woods.

    Until recently, I used a two-lamp Lumicycle Li-ion system (12w spot and 20w flood) that dated back to 2006 and used a hefty battery pack. It was excellent, but the battery finally died. Their replacement had to be almost as good but with a much more modest budget and a lot less weight as I've moved from hybrids and a massive utility bike to a cyclocross bike. I was initially tempted by the Cateye Volt 800 with its 800 lumen output, but it was beyond my budget so I went for the Volt 400XC RC set. I was slightly concerned about the reduced output but I needn't have worried.

    The 300 lumen main beam is ideal for riding on back roads as I can clearly see road conditions a good 25m ahead of me and make out general conditions well beyond that. The 100 lumen low beam is fine when I'm riding in the village nearby or on a trip to town. The various flashing options can be "seen for miles", according to the farmer across the road and the one over the hill from my croft–both were puzzled to spot a "strange flashing light" while working some distance from the road when I was out last night. I would strongly advise ensuring the light is tilted downwards and/or clicking the low beam to avoid dazzling motorists as the main beam is very bright.

    And that leads to the main problem wih the 400XC—it's secured to the bike by a rubber strap and it's not particularly secure even though it appears reasonably tight. Knock it with a hand and it moves, hit a bump and it moves. On the other hand, it's difficult unclipping the rubber strap to remove the light at the best of times and nigh on impossible with cold fingers. The rubber strap supposedly makes it easy to switch the light between bikes, but I'd rather have something more secure.

    The Rapid Mini Rear Light is also very good and visible for a considerable distance, with a slightly better fitting that the 400XC. The light clicks onto a bracket that's held in place by rubber straps, making it easier to remove for charging and it seems a bit more secure when in place.

    Charging of both lights is very quick, admittedly helped by my having a four-port charger with 2.4A output per port. I'm not sure how fast charging would be on a less powerful charger.

    With a more secure front mount, the 400XC/Rapid Mini USB RC set would be superb given the amount of light it produces, the various lighting options, the build quality and the reasonable price point. But it's let down by that insecure front mount–especially if the light moves up while on high beam and catches an unsuspecting motorist in the eyes. (Posted on 25/03/2017)

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