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CatEye Volt 400 Duplex Helmet Light

CatEye Volt 400 Duplex Helmet Light

  • Combined front and rear bicycle helmet light
  • 400 lumen front headlight
  • Up to 150 hour flashing rear light

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Product Description


CatEye Volt 400 Duplex Helmet Light

CatEye's most powerful combined front and rear bicycle helmet light can be switched from a 400 lumen headlamp for MTB night riding to a multi-hour flasher for city riding.

  • 6-hour USB rechargeable for convenience and economy
  • Side lenses ensure this light gets seen from all angles
  • Low battery indicator - alerts you when the battery is close to exhaustion
  • Lighting mode memory function - this light auto-selects the mode you were using last time it was switched on
  • Opticube lens technology - Cateye maximise the LED's beam pattern, utilising superior lens and reflector technology to emit a higher quality light and beam pattern in front of the rider, even at lower lumens
  • Supplied with helmet mount
  • Constant front beam run times (when rear is switched off): 400 lumen (3 hours), 100 lumen (10 hours), 50 lumen (18 hours)
  • Hyper front mode run time (when rear is switched off): alternating 400/50 lumen (9 hours)
  • Flashing front mode run time (when rear is switched off): 50 lumen (150 hours)
  • Hyper rear mode run time (when front is switched off): 10 lumen (25 hours)
  • Flashing rear mode run time (when front is switched off): 10 lumen (250 hours)
  • CatEye quality control - to underline their quality and reliability, CatEye products undergo the most stringent QC tests in the industry, many of which exceed the requirements of CE - hence CatEye's industry leading low return rate of less than 1%.

Why a helmet light is a sound investment for night riding
Mounted on your lid, a helmet light will be more easily seen from afar much than a light fitted lower down - especially when when you're riding in a line of traffic.

For mountain biking, a helmet light helps you see round corners when your bar mounted light only shows what's ahead.

Mounted on your helmet, it has all the advantages of a head torch such as lighting up the area immediately in front of your eyes and enabling hands-free illumination should you have to fix a puncture or read a map after dark.

Here's how CatEye describe their Volt 400 Duplex Helmet Light
Safety should be an important consideration for anyone riding a bicycle, and a premium lighting system like the Volt400 Duplex can play a critical role in the equation, especially when riding in traffic. This helmet mounted light integrates both headlight and taillight all in one lightweight package.

Five front modes vary between a bright 400 lumen constant beam down to a flashing setting, while the rear can be switched between constant and flashing modes. On high, the front will run for 3 hours before the Li-ion battery will need recharging via a convenient USB port, but can go for an amazing 150 hours in flashing mode. In busy city traffic, running bright lights, especially in flashing mode at eye level to many motorists, can be one of the best visual defences a bicyclist has. Use it.

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Product Questions

Product Questions

How much does it weigh? (an important fact when putting anything on your helmet).
How does it fit to the helmet? Is it easily fitted to different helmet types?