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CatEye Centre Fork Mount Bracket

CatEye Centre Fork Mount Bracket

  • CatEye Centre Fork Mount Bracket
  • Enables you to position many CatEye lights at fork crown level
  • Fork mounting delivers a more focused, less dazzling beam

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Product Description


CatEye Centre Fork Mount Bracket

This bracket enables you to mount the following CatEye front lights at fork crown level.

  • Volt 300, 700 and 1200.
  • Nano Shot and Nano Shot Plus
  • Uno
  • Jido
  • Econom Force
  • HL-EL135

Note: this bracket is mounted with the fork crown nut and bolt used to secure a front mudguard or reflector. This bolt is not supplied with this pack.

  • The bracket is polished steel - made to take the weight of the front lamp.
  • The bracket's Allen key bolt and a nylok nut enables you to secures the lamp mount at your preferred angle.
  • You'll need a 5mm Allen key and a 10mm spanner to secure this nut and bolt.
  • Weight - 47g based upon weighing a CatEye Centre Fork Mount Bracket at Bike Co-op HQ in May 2015.
  • Be aware that cycling equipment specifications can change without notice so please regard our published weights as an honest but approximate guide.

The CatEye Centre Fork Mount Bracket can be a good thing for a number of reasons.

  • It frees up space on your handlebars for your hands, a cycle computer or a bell.
  • Everything else being equal, a lower mounted lamp will project a more focused beam, all the better to pick out pot holes and drain holes ahead.
  • If you use a super bright front light such as a CatEye Volt on full beam, you'll be less likely to dazzle approaching people (in cars, or bikes, or on foot) if the lamp is mounted at fork crown level.


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