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Answer/Manitou Sherman Firefly Forks '03

Answer/Manitou Sherman Firefly Forks '03

Lighter weight long-travel Sherman

No Longer Available

Product Description

Manitou's long travel Sherman made lighter weight with Ti springs.

  • Travel: 110/130mm Rapid Travel 2.
  • Damping: TPC+.
  • Adjustment: Rebound, Compression, Travel.
  • Spring: Ti Coil.
  • Lubrication: Semi-Bath with Evil Genius Seals.
  • Stanchions: 32mm aluminium.
  • Reversed Arch.
  • Steerer: Aluminium.
  • Axle: Standard.
  • Weight: 4.5lb/2.1kg.
  • Colour: Camo.

Manitou Glossary

  • TPC+ Damping 3-piston design with independent damping pistons for compression and rebound. Automatically adjusts to correspond to the fork's position in travel - i.e. the damping is position-activated for progressive resistance - low resistance initially, more resistance further down the stroke to resist bottoming.
  • Reversed Arch Design - positioning the arch behind the stanchions, rather than in front, provides extra stiffness and helps protect the fork's upper seals from trail debris.
  • Rapid Travel 2 - a top-mount switch allows you to instantly change the travel from 110mm for climbing to 130mm for downhilling.
  • Evil Genius Seals - lubricates fork while it seals to reduce stiction.