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YST Threadless Bottom Bracket

(1 review)
A solution to stripped threads
68*110mm£16.99In Stock
68*113mm£16.99In Stock

YST BB993 Threadless Bottom Bracket

A solution to stripped threads

Instead of threading onto the threads of the frame's bottom bracket shell, the YST BB993's steel cups thread on to the steel body of the cartridge sealed bottom bracket unit.

  • The cups are tapered to centre themselves in the bottom bracket shell.
  • Shimano-compatible square-taper axle (not splined).
  • 68mm shell width.
  • 350g.


Buy YST Threadless Bottom Bracket for stripped BB threads at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op online or instore. Free weekday delivery on orders over £20.

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Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

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This is an asymmetrical bottom bracket with a JIS taper. Its symmetrical equivalent is 115-116mm - this is really important to know as it will affect your chainline measurement (the bottom bracket code is UN 73). I bought this not knowing this (!) and my front derrailleur would not shift onto the large chainring due to the effect on the chainline measurement. I'm now going to replace it with the Velo Orange thread less bottom bracket (which comes in smaller sizes and is symmetrical). Having said this it is good quality and good value so if you can make the measurements work then it's a good option. I would recommend to threadlock it in place as it does have a tendency to loosen. I managed to install it easily with a single shimano type bottom bracket tool (you may have read elsewhere that 2 tools are required). The 110mm option may be more suitable for a road double but i'm not sure about the axle symmetry on this one.
Ask a question
Q. Will his fit an old Raleigh BB shell?  It's 71mm, 26tpi thread.  
A. Unfortunately the bottom bracket in question is designed for a 68mm shell width as opposed to the 71mm you require.  We would generally attempt to offer you an alternative but unfortunately we do not stock anything suitable.
Q. i have an vintage cycle and want to replace the BB with a more modern style. This looks good but will it work? I have no threads on my BB as the original was thread on the BB as well and measure is 68mm. i think i need the 113 length.
A. This should fit your old bike.  Before installation though, it is vital to make sure the faces of your BB shell are smooth and even, as this is where the bracket will clamp. Without knowing the type of chainset and gearing, it is impossible to say which length you will require, as the each length will naturally alter the chainline.
Q. My Bottom Bracket shell was chamfered out for an old Mavic BB which annoyingly made the width to 65mm.. I'm wondering if this Bottom bracket would tighten to this width else would I need spacers, thou i think using spacers might prevent this from holding the BB shell enough to be effective.
A. Difficult to say without trying it but we doubt that it would work in all honesty. The cups actually thread onto the BB unit itself rather than onto the frame so if the shell is 3mm narrower than the standard 68mm then there would probably be play in it when fully tightened.

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