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Specialized Sport RBX Road Shoe '17

  • Stiffer sole, SPD-compatible shoe
  • Perfect sportive/commuting road shoe
  • SlipNot walkable sole
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Specialized Sport RBX Road Shoe '17

SlipNot walkable sole, SPD-ready and lace free, this is possibly our best sportive, touring, commuting, general use cycling shoe.

This should come as no surprise when you discover that RBX is Specialized code for Roubaix. Specialized's Roubaix bike range has become legendary in sportive riding circles for combining rider comfort with Paris-Roubaix-winning performance.

Like a Roubaix bike, Specialized Sport RBX Shoes aren't just for 100km or 100 mile challenges. They're equally fit for touring, commuting and general getting around.

This new improved-for-2017 version has an all-synthetic leather upper (Specialized sneaked some nylon mesh into the original Sport RBX Road Shoe).

The secret of the Specialized Sport RBX Road Shoe is its walkable rubber tread courtesy of its SlipNot sole, which measures 6.0 on the Specialized Stiffness Index. That's halfway between Specialized's more walking-oriented TahoeMTB shoes (Stiffness Index 3.0) and their inflexible Pro Road Shoes(Stiffness Index 11.0). Our advice would therefore be if you want a shoe you can 'live in' all day, mostly for walking but with a bit of cycling, go for the Tahoe. If you would prefer a slimmer soled, stiffer soled, lighter weight, lace-free more cycling dedicated shoe that's still fine to walk in when you get off the bike, go for the Specialized Sport RBX Road Shoe.

  • SlipNot sole with moderately stiff nylon plate for pedaling efficiency.
  • 6.0 Stiffness Index.
  • Walkable rubber tread.
  • Offset 3-strap Velcro closure for secure, comfortable lace-free fit.
  • Supple synthetic leather upper with vented uppers.
  • Compatible with any SPD-style 2-bolt pedal cleat (note that cleats come supplied with pedals or as spares, never with shoes).
  • As well as having the usual cleat 'pocket' the SlipNot sole has a BG saddle-like groove running down the middle to further prevent contact between the cleat and the floor when you walk in them.
  • The shoe has a cleat hole cover which you need never remove if you prefer to ride with non-cleated regular pedals.
  • It only takes a minute to remove this cleat hole cover with a stanley blade if you do want to fit cleats.
  • 850g per pair (we weighed size 42).

'Body Geometry outsole and Footbed optimize alignment, improving rider comfort and performance. Great for a commute or your first clip-in shoe, the stable rubber sole and Body Geometry comfort covers the distance from all-day rides to a coffee shop stop.'

Specialized BG (Body Geometry) Shoes
Body Geometry shoes are the fruit of a collaboration between Specialized bikes and Dr Andy Pruitt: sports scientist, author, one-time US national team coach and a world expert in cycling-induced tendonitis.

The contoured Body Geometry footbed supports two key areas of the foot: the metatarsal and the longitudinal arch.

The raised metatarsal button section of the BG shoe's footbed spreads the metatarsal bones. This helps prevent pressure on the nerves and blood vessels, thus helping to reduce 'hot spots', swelling, and general foot discomfort.

The footbed's raised longitudinal arch support provides a stable platform to minimize arch flex and improve power transfer and efficiency.

The varus wedge slightly angles the forefoot to match its natural canted position, bringing the foot into full contact with the pedal and eliminating rotational movement of the knee, shin, and foot. Compared with riding in standard shoes (cycling or otherwise) Body Geometry shoes help keep your leg better aligned and encourage a smoother pedalling stroke, and therefore help prevent foot pain and knee strain.

'The Sport RBX Road Shoes were developed to be the perfect fit for commuting or for anyone looking to get their first pair of clip-inn shoes. They have a stable rubber sole and Body Geometry comfort in order to cover the distance from all-day rides to a coffee shop stop.'

Shoe Sizing Guide.


Buy Specialized bikes from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op's fantastic range of road, mountain, hybrid, electric and kids bikes and bicycle kit from California's best.

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