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Specialized Inner Tube

(3 reviews)
  • Best buy in name brand tubes for road, touring, hybrid and mountain bikes.
12*1.5-2.125Schrader£5.00In Stock
16*1.5-2.125Schrader£5.00In Stock
20*1.5-2.125Schrader£5.00In Stock
24*1.5-2.2Schrader£5.00In Stock
26*1.00Presta£5.00In Stock
26*1.25/2.040mm Presta£5.00In Stock
26*1.25/2.0Schraeder£5.00In Stock
26*1.75-2.4"40MM Presta£5.00In Stock
26*1.75/2.4Schraeder£5.00In Stock
26*2.4-3.0Schrader£6.00In Stock
26*2.4/3.0Presta£6.00In Stock
26*3.8/4.8Presta 40mm£20.00In Stock
29*1.75/2.4"Presta (40mm)£7.00In Stock
29*1.75/2.4"Schrader£7.00In Stock
29*2.3Presta (32mm)Our Price £3.99 RRP £9.00In Stock
650B 1.75/2.4"40mm Schraeder£7.00In Stock
650B*1.75/2.4Presta 40mm£7.00In Stock
650B*2.4/3.0Presta 40mm£7.00In Stock
700*18-25Presta 80mm£7.00In Stock
700*20-28CPresta (48mm)£6.00In Stock
700*20-28CPresta£5.00In Stock
700*20/28Presta (60mm)£6.00In Stock
700*28-38CPresta£5.00In Stock
700*28-38CSchrader£5.00In Stock
700*28/38Presta (48MM)£6.00In Stock
700*35/5040mm Schraeder£6.00In Stock

Specialized Inner Tubes

  • The original and still the best value bicycle suspension.
  • Probably invented in Scotland the century before last.
  • Specialized tubes stand out for consistent quality, light weight, reliability, and low price.
  • Schrader means the car-type valve found on budget mountain bikes and BMXs.
  • Presta means the skinny type of valve with a nut on top which you have to undo to get air into or out of the tyre.

Regular Tubes:

  • 26 x 1.0-1.15” Presta or Schrader: 95g. Best for skinny ATB tyres.
  • 26 x 1.25-1.5” Presta or Schrader: 150g. Best for medium-sized ATB tyres such as Specialized Nimbus Sport.
  • 26 x 1.5-2.2” Presta or Schrader: 175g. 'Standard' MTB size.
  • 700 x 20-28c / 27 x 1-1 1/8” Presta or Schrader: 110g. Skinny road bike tyre size.
  • 700 x 28-38c / 27 x 1 1/8-1 3/8” P. or Schrader: 130g. For touring or hybrid bikes.

Specialist tubes:

  • 700 x 18-25 long Presta valve: 70g - you need a long valve for aero road rims.
  • 700 x 18-25 Ultralight Presta: 68g - for quality skinny tyres such as the Panaracer Stradius and the ContinentalGrand Prix.

For our complete range of tyres, puncture repair and prevention please click here.


Buy Specialized bikes from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op's fantastic range of road, mountain, hybrid, electric and kids bikes and bicycle kit from California's best.

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700*20-28CPresta (48mm)719676242576
29*2.3Presta (32mm)719676544281
700*20/28Presta (60mm)719676340661
700*28/38Presta (48MM)719676641416
26*1.75-2.4"40MM Presta719676226491
29*1.75/2.4"Presta (40mm)719676226507
650B*1.75/2.4Presta 40mm719676888675
650B*2.4/3.0Presta 40mm719676119861
26*3.8/4.8Presta 40mm719676753959
700*18-25Presta 80mm719676839707
26*1.25/2.040mm Presta719676226460
650B 1.75/2.4"40mm Schraeder719676119359
700*35/5040mm Schraeder719676226514

Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

Average: 2.3 / 5
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Awful. Lasted less than 5 miles! Save your cash and buy something else.

Terrible!!  lasted maybe a week then both tubes developed holes near base of valves

I always get this inner tube they are very good and worth the money would recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality tube.
Ask a question
Q. I recently bought a country explorer touring bike from edinburgh cycles and I am looking to buy spare inner tubes for it but can't seem to find the right size. The continental sport contact tyres on the bike have the size 28 x 1/1/4 x 1/3/4 written on the side. Can you help?
A. The bike comes specced with 700 x 32c tyres so you'll need inner tubes of a similar size, e.g. the Specialized 700 x 28-38c tube.
Q. Will the specialized 700*28-38C Presta inner tube be ok to use on the 700*40C tyre on the Giant Roam 2? If not then what would you suggest?
A. Thanks for your question. While strictly not compatible, the tube will stretch a little and should work fine. To get one to fit, we have Schwalbe tubes here in 38-45c with presta valves.
Q. I recently bought a Revolution Cross Pro and I am currently looking to carry some spares on this bike when I'm out with it. Can you advise if the valve on this bike is a long valve, or if a standard valve will suffice?
A. Whilst our Revolution Cross Pro could take a 32mm (standard) Presta valve, depending on your pump, we would recommend fitting 48mm valves to ensure that there's enough valve for most pumps to get a hold of.

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