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Specialized Women's Cadette Shoe

  • Specialized Cadette Women's Shoe
  • Everyday Specialized Body Geometry cycling shoe
  • Versatile cycling / walking shoe
Indigo/Light Teal37£65.00In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
Indigo/Light Teal38£65.00In Stock
Indigo/Light Teal39£65.00In Stock
Indigo/Light Teal40£65.00In Stock
Indigo/Light Teal41£65.00In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
Indigo/Light Teal42£65.00In Stock (2 To 3 Days)

Specialized Cadette Women's Shoe

Launched in summer 2015, the Specialized Cadette is a super comfortable Body Geometry shoe you could wear all day, on or off the bike.

  • The supple synthetic leather and breathable mesh uppers are comfortably cushioned.
  • The Lollipop™ inner plate enhances pedalling efficiency.
  • The EVA midsole stabilises and cushions the foot when you're walking.
  • The sole is stiffer at the pedal contact zone for pedalling power (Stiffness index 4.0), more flexible under the toes so you can walk in comfort.
  • The outsole is vented and grippy for good walking traction without being aggressively lugged.
  • This grippy sole works well with flat pedals.
  • Alternatively, the shoe is SPD compatible - removing a sole plate reveals a threaded drilling to take 2-bolt SPD-style pedal cleats.
  • Note that cleats come supplied with pedals or as spare parts, and never with the shoes.
  • The reflective flash on the back of the heel makes sense.
  • Simple familiar lace-up closure with Lacelock™ elastic to stow the lace knot.
  • Specialized Cadette Women's Shoe are fitted with pair of teal laces, supplied with a second pair of indigo laces.
  • Lightweight - 550g based upon weighing a pair of size 39 Specialized Cadette Women's Shoe at Bike Co-op HQ in March 2015.
  • Be aware that cycling equipment specifications can change without notice so please regard our published weights as an honest but approximate guide.
  • Body Geometry sole and footbed optimise hip, knee, and foot alignment to improve performance and comfort.

'Specialized Cadette Women's Shoe
Relaxed Fit for a balance of pedal feel and off-bike comfort, whether heading to the gym or the coffee shop, the Cadette is the perfect balance of pedalling performance with off-the-bike cushioning and stability.'


Specialized BG (Body Geometry) Shoes
Specialized employed Dr Andy Pruitt, renowned U.S. author, sports scientist and national coach, in the development of their Body Geometry range of shoes. BG Shoes boast a special footbed which optimises the foot's position and thus helps eliminate pressure on both the knee and the foot bones when you pedal. It is easy to understand why Specialized BG shoes are the most popular shoes in the pro peloton.

Specialized BG Shoes incorporate 3 Body Geometry elements in their footbeds and the orthotic outsoles.

  • The Varus Wedge corrects the foot angle for optimal alignment of the knee and the foot when pedalling.
  • The Longitudinal Arch Support does what it says on the shoe box.
  • The Metatarsal Button lifts and separates the metatarsal bones (the long bones of the forefoot) to help prevent the compression, numbness, discomfort and hot spots you can experience when riding in traditional cycling shoes, which can be so snug, they compress the nerves and arteries between the metatarsal bones.

Shoe Sizing Guide.


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Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

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