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Specialized BG Internal Valgus Wedges (2 Pack)

  • Specialized Body Geometry Internal Wedges (2 Pack)
  • BG wedges can make any cycling shoe more comfortable
  • Positions your foot correctly - can prevent knee or hip pain
Orange39-40Now Only £3.99 Was £6.00In Stock
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Yellow43-44£6.00In Stock
Yellow45-46£6.00In Stock
Yellow47-48£6.00In Stock
Yellow49-50Now Only £3.99 Was £6.00In Stock

Specialized Body Geometry Internal Wedges(2 Pack)

For the majority of people, the foot, knee, and hip are not correctly aligned while cycling. This can cause biomechanical inefficiency, a loss of power and in some cases, can lead to knee or hip pain.

Originally proven on Specialized Body Geometry Shoes, slipping a BG Wedge under the insole can correct your foot position on the pedal.

Why BG Wedges are a good thing

  • Most of us (85% of the population) have Varus angulation - the big toe is naturally higher than the little toe.
  • When you cycle, the big toe is forced down when you pedal, causing the knee to rotate inwards.
  • While this rotation is almost imperceptible, imagine what it might do to your knees over time when you're pedalling say, 90 revs per minute.
  • The orange Varus Wedge is 1.5mm higher on the outside of the foot than it is on the inside (crank side).
  • Fitting the wedge brings the foot into full contact with the pedal.
  • This helps eliminate rotational movement and helps keep the the knee, the shin and the foot properly aligned.
  • Approximately 5% of us have Valgus angulation - the outside of the forefoot is higher.
  • The yellow Valgus Wedge will correct this problem.
  • Specialized Body Geometry Internal Wedges are vented for comfort.
  • They come supplied as a pair of either orange wedges to correct Varus angulation or yellow wedges to correct Valgus angulation.


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