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Saris Bones Solo Boot Rack

  • If you only carry one bicycle, why buy a 3-bike rack?
  • The one-piece frame never needs folded or unfolded.
  • Built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials.
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    Saris Bones Solo Boot Rack

    This must be the simplest boot rack ever. Unlike most racks that have to be unfolded into shape the Saris Bones Solo has a one-piece frame. The result: less faff and less to go wrong.

    • The Saris Bones Solo is all the rack you require if you just want to carry one bike off the back of the car.
    • Ratcheting hold-down straps secure the bike.
    • Built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials.
    • Carries one bike up to 35lbs (15.9kg).


    Buy a Saris Bones car boot rack for your bike from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative online or instore. Free delivery on orders over £20

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    Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

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    Q. Will the Saris Bones Boot Rack fit a 2016 Mercedes-Benz B Class?
    A. Thanks for your question, unfortunately there is no definitive list as to what boot rack fits what car, it really comes down to trail and error combined with a little common sense. The Mercedes appears to have a small spoiler on top of the boot, it is this that would concern me. My old Golf had a similar spoiler but it was fairly substantially fixed to the boot so the Saris bones fitted perfectly. If your car has the spoiler then I would look closely at this as when the straps are tightened correctly there is a fair amount of strain put on the straps that attach the boot rack to the car. I have personally used the rack on an Audi A5, VW Golf, a Mercedes Viano, VW Transporter and a Mitsubishi ASX to mention a few. You’d be most welcome to visit us to take a closer look at our range of racks and offer them up to the rear of the car.
    Q. Will this fit my audi A1 sport back
    A. We have checked the Saris fit guide online and unfortunately your model of car is not included. Having had a look at your car online we think the Bones Solo will be ok however couldn't be sure without trying it. If you do order the rack and it doesn't fit then it would be possible to return it.
    Q. Would this rack fit my Fiat Bravo r reg?
    A. Your car does not appear on Saris' fit finder, however we believe that it should fit ok. We would be happy for you to stop by your local store to check, if you would like to do so please give us a call on 0131 3315010 to check stock prior to making a visit.
    Q. Is this suitable for a Renault Clio?
    A. Saris have a fit guide on their website that shows their list of compatible vehicles. The Bones Solo should fit a Clio's hatchback fine but we cannot say for certain as we do not have an exhaustive list. If you are close to one of our stores you are welcome to check the rack against your car prior to purchase - please do give us a call prior to doing this to check stock.
    Q. Would the saris solo fit on a ford streetka?
    A. The Streetka does not appear on the Saris compatibility list so we'd have to advise that we don't think this will fit. The Saris Bones is designed to work mainly with hatchback cars - you are welcome to stop by one of our stores to check it against your car prior to buying if you would like.
    Q. Would this fit a Renault Megane (2005) and hold a Wisper 905 Classic '13? If not can you recommend a carrier that would?
    A. Thanks for your question. I do believe this should be compatible however having never tried this combination, I couldn't say with absolute certainty. I would advise that if you wish to come into one of our stores, we should be able to double check this (assuming you can bring both bike and car) before you make a purchase. Thanks for getting back to me. I popped into my my local store in Sheffield as you suggested but they thought the rack wouldn’t be strong enough for the weight the of Whisper.
    Q. Will this fit a Zafira?
    A. Your vehicle is not listed on Saris' fit guide, as the solo is not adjustable we don't think that this will fit that well due to how flat your boot is - you would be better looking at the Bones 3 which is adjustable. If you are near to one of our stores you are welcome to stop by, while we do not offer a fitting service the staff would be happy to check one against your car approximately where it is in stock.
    Q. Would this rack fit my Citroen Zara Picasso?
    A. The Saris Bones Solo would not be suitable for your Citroen. Saris have an online fit guide and recommend the Bones 2 or Bones 3 bike rack for your car. The Bones Solo mainly suits smaller cars. We appreciate that the Bones 2 and 3 racks are more expensive. For this reason you could look at the Revolution Shuttle rack as an alternative. It would suit your car and will carry 1-3 bikes.
    Q. Does this bike rack fit a Suzuki Ignis sport?
    A. There isn't a comprehensive fitting guide but the Saris Bones is designed to fit most tailgate style hatchbacks - we don't see why it would not fit your Ignis. If you wanted to stop by the shop we can arrange to check it against your car for you - unfortunately we do not offer a fitting service. Please give us a call if you would like to arrange to have one in store for you.
    Q. Does the saris bones solo fit a 2009 mini cooper hatchback
    A. The Saris Bones Solo rack should fit your Mini Cooper. The only thing you are likely to need is glass hatch adaptors (see here) to replace the upper hooks.
    Q. Is this the correct rack for a 2012 Mini Cooper S hatchback?
    A. This rack should be fine on your car, if you are close to one of our stores please give us a call on 0845 257 0808 and we can check their stock - where possible the staff would be happy to unbox one to show you. Unfortunately we cannot offer a fitting service but checking it will sit ok can be done where staff are available.
    Q. I have a 2002 Jaguar x-type saloon. All the picture I see of this item show hatchback vehicles. Will this product be suitable for my saloon?
    A. This rack is designed for a hatchback, and while it may work with your Jaguar it wouldn't be the best choice. Saris offer a fitting guide online (see here) and from this they suggest using one of the Bones 2 or 3 bike carriers. From experience we would suggest looking at the Saris Bones 3 which is an excellent boot rack. We think you might find that the Revolution Shuttle 3 bike carrier may also fit.
    Q. Will this fit a 1998 (R reg) Vauxhall Corsa and can it be fitted if I purchase it at one of your stores?
    A. We cannot see any reasons why the Saris Bones solo boot rack would not fit your Corsa. Saris do offer a vehicle fit guide however it does not go back as far as 1998. We cannot fit boot racks for you however can offer advise on fitting and assist with an queries you may have. The Bones solo rack is though very straightforward to fit with a four strap fitting system.
    Q. Do bike racks need to be stored in the car once out and about cycling or can they stay securely fitted on the car without being easily nicked?
    A. The Saris Bones solo rack is secured to your car using straps. It does not lock onto the car however so we would recommend storing it in your car when not in use. As the rack is very easy to fit, removing it when required is straightforward.
    Q. Hello,
I wondered if you need a rear car bumper or not, these new cars don’t have one as such for rear fitting racks to rest on it. Kind Regards
    A. The Saris Bones Solo Boot Rack is designed with modern cars in mind, it straps on to your tailgate and has rubber feet so as to not mark your paintwork. It's an ideal bike rack for taking one bike (solo) and readily fits most modern cars.

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