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Ridgeback Gear Hanger

A near essential spare for an alloy frame
'03-'07 MTB & '03-07 Switch£12.99In Stock
3 (99002A)£12.99In Stock
Advance/Flight '13 (99002N)£16.99In Stock

A replaceable gear hanger is a near essential spare for an alloy frame. If you whack the rear derailleur, the hanger will bend and sacrifice itself, leaving the frame, hopefully, intact.


British designed Ridgeback commuter hybrid bikes, touring bikes and kids bikes are among the best buys at Edinburgh Bike Co-op. Free delivery.

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'03-'07 MTB & '03-07 Switch5027726030802
3 (99002A)5027726030741
Advance/Flight '13 (99002N)5027726279010

Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

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Ask a question
Q. I have lost the Gear Hanger but it is a Ridgeback Velocity 2010 Hybrid Bike 8 speed
A. We would need to go to Ridgeback to see if they can supply the correct hanger for you as they are quite difficult to identify. If you can provide a few further details, ie name, address and a contact telephone number then we can go from there.
Q. Hi I need the hanger with the two small wholes which one is that?
A. We would really need the actual bike model and year before we can advise on the correct hanger. A photo of your existing hanger would also be helpful.
Q. Which hangers are featured in the picture? You list 6 varieties, but the image only shows 4 and none are labelled. I'm looking for a replacement hanger for a 2010 Ridgeback MX5 (which I think is the 3rd one in the picture!). Cheers!
A. Unfortunately, we don't actually have much in the way of hanger information from the supplier with regards to this brand. The only thing I can really advise is to send us a picture of your current hanger and we'll do our best to identify it! Apologies for the inconvenience, it's just that Ridgeback don't provide us with a definitive database as to what fits what, but if you can get us that picture, hopefully we'll be able to help!

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