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Revolution Vision Light Set

(11 reviews)
  • LED lighting power in a money-saving twin-pack format.
  • Hi Power (Single Watt) front lamp.
  • Extra-wide 5-LED rear.
£19.99In Stock

Revolution Vision Light Set

Our best selling lightset combines an extra robust front light with a more eye-catching rear.

Revolution Vision LED Front Light

Our Revolution Vision LED Front Light is famed for its robust construction. Its tooled aluminium body gives you confidence this light will be fit for years of service.

  • Light source - single-Watt LED.
  • Bright enough to ensure you're seen - not so bright as to dazzle fellow road or cyclepath users.
  • This light's minimal design helps guarantee its robust dependability.
  • Though primarily designed to get you seen, the Revolution Vision is bright enough to throw a beam immediately ahead of your front wheel to show the way - for instance, if you take a shortcut home along an unlit towpath.
  • Its screw-fit threaded battery compartment ensures perfect contact - the key to lamp reliability.
  • Simple tool-free-fitting handlebar bracket supplied.
  • Constant or flashing mode.
  • Run time: 20 hours full beam + 80 hours back-up from 4 x AAA batteries (supplied).
  • 150g - weighed with batteries and bracket.
Revolution Vision 5 LED Rear Light

A more eye-catching rear light.

  • With 5 LEDs spread over an extra wide (12cm) lens our Vision rear light is more eye catching than more compact lights.
  • Seatpost mounting bracket with plastic jubilee clip-like universal attachment.
  • This bracket enables you to mount the light horizontally or vertically.
  • The battery compartment is extremely easy-to-access (this is not the case with every LED light).
  • Constant and flashing modes.
  • Run time: up to 110 hours from 2 x AAA batteries (supplied).
  • 76g - weighed with batteries and bracket.
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4.8 / 5
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Like most my experience of this set had been a tale of potential greatness dashed by a little lack of quality. The front light is outstanding, it's as bright as you could wish from a light at this price bracket, well made and withstands any amount of battering. In my opinion the only way out could be improved is to add a cut out to allow for visibility from the side. The rear light is a different proposition entirely. Cheap, plasticky, loose in the bracket but still, bright and with multiple settings. Mine allowed a certain amount of slippage in the battery compartment that meant sometimes I arrived at my destination without a working light. Remedied with folded tin foil but it shouldn't need that. Read isn't water resistant either so all in all, but the set for the front light alone, it's well worth it and bin the rear.

Great lights. Well constructed design. Front light has a good solid beam of light. Rear light can easily be seen for over 50 meters. My only setback is that they are not rechargable. But still, great lights nonetheless. I would reccomend!! 10/10 product!

I have just purchased these lights for my daughter who cycles to and from school on poorly lit rural roads. We were very impressed by the brightness of the front light which lit up the room even in broad daylight. It seems sturdily made and was very easy to clip securely onto the handlebars. The rear light is also pretty bright but seems less well made and attaches using a cable-tie-style collar with a fiddly screw to hold it tight. The rear light wobbles a little in its fixings and won't survive as long as the front one but it is a good set for the price.

Bought this set several years ago for long distance touring on a budget. They've lasted me well for weeks and weeks of constant use on a variety of road and off-road surfaces and through some pretty harsh weather conditions. I recently looked into upgrading them but found that I'd have to spend over a hundred pounds for a set that matches this one in the areas that are most important to me (burn time and durability). Like some of the other commenters I'd be happy to pay an extra £10 for a rear clamp of a slightly higher quality, preferably with another finger bolt for easy swapping between bikes. Having said this, mine is still functioning okay and I've used all sorts of improper implements (keys, cutlery, bottle openers) to unscrew it in the past, and while the plastic's a bit chewed up, it still works. Still five stars because the front light is worth the money alone. I won't be changing this set any time soon.

Can't believe the difference in quality between the front light and the rear light - literally like night and day!!! The front light is exception and construction is amazing considering the price. I would happily pay £24.99 for it alone. The rear light however is the polar opposite! The brightness of the 5 LED lights may be more than adequate and having the four different options of flashing to static is a bonus, but I am honestly waiting for it fall off. The construction is exceptionally poor and looks like it has been put together in some cheap factory in deepest darkest China for no more than a couple of pence. Actually wonder whether the designer/manufacturer is aware of its intended purpose. Have absolutely no doubt that I will be replacing the rear light before too long!

I bought this light set 12 months ago when I seem to recall it was on half price.

I generally have the need to use it when commuting in the winter months on urban streets (and occasionally along canal paths).

It is very bright and very robust. Like another user I didn't fasten the front light properly and it fell off-bar a small chip on the paintwork on the casing it is absolutely fine.

I also bought an identical own branded front light from wiggle (unfortunately I can't find it on their website) so that I could have 2 brackets and a spare light. Five

This is truly in my opinion the best light at this price point, and punches above its weight to boot. 
After researching lights for some time, I came across these and went for it. I'm glade I did. I either run two sets of lights or use the 'Revolution Vision Light Set' on there own. (I do a lot of night time riding)
Quality; (As I am growing only to expect from the Revolution Range) is great.
Performance is also great. Good battery life. The sturdy clamp to fix to bike is simple and fast to use.
(I also bought these as a present for a friend, to which he was very happy with)

I liked this light set so much that I bought a second set. The front light in particular is VERY solidly built, with a full metal body. I too managed to have mine run over by a car after not having clicked it into the mount properly (easy to do, but it's a mistake you only make once!) and the light was absolutely fine. Both lights are very bright for the money. The mount for the rear light is a bit cheap with some plastic parts that look like they would chew up easily if you were moving it from bike to bike, but i haven't had any problems so far. Would definitely recommend.

Excellent lights - great performance at this price.

Front light is very bright and well made. Metal casing makes it pretty robust. I use it on flashing mode, which is more economical on the batteries. I haven't had to change them yet.

Rear light also bright and visible thanks to the different flashing modes. After having my seatpost stolen, including the light attachment, I was able to order a replacement without having to order a whole new rear light.

Great stuff.

East Sussex
This is a fantastic bit of kit. The front light dropped off the bracket in to the road - my fault entirely as I didn't click it in to place. The light was ran over by a car - I thought I'd better recover it in case it caused a puncture to a car. I was amazed to see it flashing away. The barrel has a bit of paint taken off, the lens is slightly oval but the battery compartment still opens and closes fine. I've been using it for two weeks since it was run over without problem. Highly recommended.

This has been mine, and most of the Manchester staffs light of choice since I started working for the Co-Op 3 years ago. For the money, it is the best for light output and very good on battery life. Extremely visible, solid and reliable piece of kit.
Ask a question
Q. Can I get a replacement bracket for the front light? When I went to transfer mine from my old to my new bike the bolt had irretrievably rusted up.
A. The brackets for the Vision light are not available as a spare part. 
Q. How do you change the front light between high/low beam? It just seems to change between flashing and constant
A. The vision light set doesn’t have a high and a low setting, it only has the steady and flashing settings.
Q. What does 20 hours full beam + 80 hours back-up refer to?
A. Thanks for your question. The front light has three modes - high beam, flash and low beam - it will run for 80 hours on low beam.
Q. Hello there Would the front light fit a specialised Tricross handel bar ?
A. The Revolution Vision Light set could be fitted to a Specialized Tricross. The bracket on the front light has a rubber shim to fit standard or oversized bars. On the rear light the bracket uses a band clamp that will adjust to fit different seat post and seat tube sizes.
Q. How do you change the battery?
A. Replacing batteries in our Revolution Vision Light Set is quite straightforward.
The Rear has a battery compartment on the back that slides on/off.
The Front light's body is aluminium and its rear unscrews (where the on/off button is) to gain access to the battery compartment.
Both lights are fairly weatherproof and changing batteries shouldn't be a problem.

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