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Revolution Velocity 20 Function Computer

(8 reviews)
  • Best buy in wireless computers.
  • Doesn't just boast standard speed, distance and time recording functions.
  • Also records useful stuff such as the temperature and an estimate of how much fat you burn per ride.
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    • Revolution Velocity 20 Function Wireless Computer

      Our best buy in wireless computers doesn't just boast standard speed, distance and time recording functions. It also records useful stuff such as the temperature and an estimate of how much fat you burn per ride.

      Wireless computers are a good choice because they do away the clutter of running a cable from the fork sensor to the handlebar mounted head unit.

      Functions and Features

      • Speed.
      • Average Speed.
      • Maximum Speed.
      • Speed Comparator (deviation above or below average speed).
      • Auto Trip Timer
      • Trip Time.
      • Trip Average Speed.
      • Odometer.
      • Odometer Save (you don't lose your record of total distance travelled when you eventually have to change the battery).
      • Maintenance Indicator.
      • 12 or 24 hour Clock.
      • Stopwatch.
      • Thermometer - Celsius or Fahrenheit.
      • Temperature Recorder – Highest/Lowest.
      • Autoscan.
      • Rapid Autoscan.
      • Calorie Count.
      • Fat Burnt Indicator (grams).
      • Tool-free fast fitting.
      • Water resistant.
      • Compatible with wheel sizes: 20 inch up to 700c.
      • The magnet fits round or flat spokes.
      • Runs off long-life CR2032 lithium battery.
      • Weight: 34g (Head Unit) 64g (Full Kit).
      • Please note: like most cycle computers, the Revolution Velocity 20's sensor is fitted to the fork and the magnet to the front wheel.
      • We've also found that this computer can also work with the sensor fitted to the rear stay and the magnet to the rear wheel - especially with smaller bikes. We can't guarantee that rear stay mounting will work, but it might be worth trying - say, if the bike is mounted to a home trainer.

      Edinburgh Bicycle support recycling electrical equipment.


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    4 / 5
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    I would like to say thank you, it is very good in price, feature easy to fitt and reliable, has a clear screen . I strongly recommend.

    Cannot quite believe just how good this is for just £10. Easy to set-up, even though I had to measure my 27.5/2.20 wheels a they are not included in the instructions (2210mm in case you wondered). Will be coming back in a week or so to get a couple more for my daughter's bikes.

    So I got a new bike and I wanted a fancy new computer.  Bought a £60 one, batteries failed every four days, got a £70 one buttons stopped working after a week.  So whilst in the edinburgh shop and on a whim I got this one.  It's brilliant.  Set up-a doddle, features- so many, as many as the other ones seven times the price.  I even asked the guy in the shop if it was the right price it was so cheap.  reliablility - only time will tell but even if it lasts a year it will be money well spent.  Ok it's a bit chunky and not as sexy looking as others but what do you expect for a tenner.  The screen is easy to read, intutuitve and even the buttons feel reassuringly useable.  In short you don't always have to spend a fortune to get exactly the same data a a fancy one.  Fit it, use it forget about it and just cycle.

    Excellent product and delivery was very quick too. I bought a aluminium or steel bottle and some glasses too. All very decent products if you are not fussed by brands. Very happy.

    This is a basic computer with all relevant functions. I particularly like that it can also show the temperature. Installation was straightforward, but it does have a few issues: Like all wireless computers, it can get interference from other electric devices. This shows as erroneous readings, e.g. very high speeds. I found on a 30km trip (measured by GPS) it counted almost 40km. After a lot of testing, I found it was actually interference from the Garmin GPS that caused this. I had to mount it further away on the handle bar (10cm was enough) and more importantly also not put both units into the same pocket when taking them off. Be careful not to press both buttons for too long, as this will reset the computer. In my opinion, this is a design fault. A full reset should, e.g. require removal of the battery or something else that doesn't happen by accident. You can actually change the total distance with a long press on the left button when its set to ODO. But there is no way to correct the wheel diameter other than a full reset where you lose all other settings too.

    Bought this computer this week, great value for money. I thought it would not be as good as a wired computer but I was wrong. This was easy to install and all the functions are easy to use. The screen is a good size to see at a glance. In my opinion the best wireless computer by far on the market.

    At first I was sceptical about this product however once I got it fitted by the great and professional staff at EBC it amazed me. This computer delivers the standards of a professional high end product at a price of...well…NOTHING! It is just a great thing to have on your bike as an additional gadget, "toy". Plus it displays many different, important and valid information on a vivid and clear monitor. I love it! You shall too...

    Definitely recommended: 
More stats than any other computer I've used and an amazing price, good visibility.
Installation is easy - although cable ties have pros (ease & speed of installation) and cons (appearance even when trimmed and tightness)

Only let down is the greater than normal wireless interference: within 4 feet of any wifi using device (laptop/ phone) you get false data to the receiver ruining stats. Solvable by staying away from wifi devices until the unit is asleep after a cycle.
    Ask a question
    Q. Water proof?
    A. This computer is not water proof but is water resistant so will with stand a rain shower. 
    Q. Does this fit on a 29er thanks
    A. The computer will fit a 29er.
    Q. Hi I have one of these units and am really pleased with it. Having recently acquired a second bike, if I bought a second unit would I be able to switch the head units between both bikes so that I can more easily record my total mileage travelled, or is each unit exclusively linked with the wheel sensors that come with it? Cheers Ian
    A. You can swap the computers between bikes. They aren't exclusively linked to the sensor.
    Q. Hi, can you load existing mileage already completed and recorded upon another device as part of the set up proceedure or does the unit only default with a zero start?
    A. This computer defaults to a zero start so its not possible to load an existing mileage into it.
    Q. This bike computer have a backlight???
    A. This computer does not have a backlight.
    Q. Does the computer start automatically?
    A. Yes, the computer should automatically start when you begin cycling.
    Q. If this unit is sensitive to WiFi interference (see 'Reviews') and bearing in mind that most peoples smart-phones have WiFi permanently turned on, would a suitably close phone (ie inside a car, when I'm sat boxed in at a traffic light) cause my unit to go bonkers? Sorry for the very long sentence.
    A. Wireless computers such as the Velocity computer can be susceptible to interference. With the Velocity computer this only tends to be a problem when in close proximity to another wireless or powerful electrical device. We have not had any reports of smart phones interfering with the Velocity computer from inside a car. High power front rechargeable front light can cause interference however will do with most wireless computers.
    Q. Hi guys, lost the instructions to my computer, do you have them stored digitally anywhere for viewing
    A. We are able to supply these instructions in a .pdf file - please call 0845 257 0808 or e-mail if you need a replacement.
    Q. I bought a Revolution Velocity 20 Function Computer yesterday and set it up as per the instructions. The head unit does not seem to be talking to the sensor on the wheel. What could this be caused from and how do I fix this?
    A. Fitting and Setting up our Revolution Velocity 20 Computer should be fairly straight forward. Common difficulties can be: Spoke Magnet too far away from sensor. Sensor too far away from Head Unit, or orientated 'updside down' Flat or incorrectly fitted batteries in sensor unit. If you have followed the instructions and double checked the above, please give us a call us and we'll offer any advice we can.
    Q. Can the sensor be attached to the seatstays?
    A. Cyclists often fit sensors to their rear wheels if they intend using the bike on a Turbo Trainer, being wireless the Revolution Velocity should still register the sensor's output, but might require a little bit of fiddling to find a spot on the stays where the rider's legs don't block the signal.
    Q. How low a temperature will this measure? (Could be useful when boasting about those hardcore midwinter rides in sub-zero temperatures)
    A. The Revolution wireless computer measures a temperature range from -10°C to 60°C. This should cover most of your winter rides though with wind chill it might sometimes feel colder.
    Q. Do you know what life/hours can be expected from the batteries?
    A. We've only been stocking the Velocity 20 Computer for two years, and haven't yet had any need replacement batteries! Obviously, this will depend on usage e.g. 30mins each way, five days a week equals 5 hrs per week or 250 hrs a year for two years or more
    Q. Hi, Does the computer mount on the stem or just the handlebars?
    A. The Revolution Velocity computer uses a handlebar mount. If you are limited for bar space and are looking for a stem mounting computer then the CCat Eye Micro Cordless computer would be a good alternative The head unit on the Revolution Velocity computer is approximately 55mm x 42mm x 16mm.

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