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Revolution Tune Up Mini Workstand

(9 reviews)
  • The Revolution Tune Up Mini Workstand supports the bike by its LH stays, thus lifting the rear wheel off the ground.
  • 'Making routine maintenance such as cleaning/lubing the chain and adjusting the brakes/gears a doddle... it represents excellent value for money.' Cycling Plus.
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Revolution Tune Up Mini Workstand

The Revolution Tune Up Mini Workstand is a floorstand that supports the bike by its left hand seat stays and chain stays, thus lifting the rear wheel off the ground. This makes it so much easier to perform basic bike maintenance such as cleaning and lubing the chain and adjusting the brakes and gears.

  • The Revolution Tune Up Mini Workstand supports the bike by its left hand rear stays.
  • The Revolution Tune Up Mini Workstand lifts the rear wheel off the ground.
  • Doubles as a sturdy floor stand – no need to lean the bike when it’s supported on a Mini Workstand.
  • The seatstay hook and chainstay hook are vinyl coated to protect the frame.
  • You can adjust the height of the chainstay hook so it will be perfectly positioned to support your bike.
  • Sturdy steel construction for longevity.
  • The hooks are bolted in place so they are easy to retighten over time.
  • (On some mini workstands, the hooks are riveted in place. Once these rivets pop out, the workstand is effectively unusable.)
  • Bolted-in hooks mean the Revolution Tune Up Mini Workstand should last a lot longer.
  • Weight: 810g – the Revolution Tune Up Mini Workstand is easily portable, for instance, if you're ever asked to offer back-up support on rides, events and races.
  • Read the Review.


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4.6 / 5
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Whitley Bay
Wish I'd had this years ago. I've been using a pulley system to get the bike off the ground, which is a real faff. Takes about 5 seconds to get the bike on this stand though. Great for working on the gears, rear brakes, but also great for holding the bike upright (rather than leaning it on a fence/wall) while you work on any part of it. Loses a star because there was no guide to construction (other than a picture on the box) but it's pretty straightforward

"Standing Room Only" Dont be put of by the low price as you may be thinking This would never hold a bike! . But first impressions in this case would be wrong... It stands a little over 25" high when assembled and is very stable ,even on a slight gradient. I added four lenghts of plastic tubing to give the feet a good grip to the ground and once the bike is hooked on it will go nowhere. As for the hooks they are more than upto holding almost all bikes out there with the exception of some folding bikes. I have used this now for nearly six months and I have even carried it in the car boot should I need to do some emergency repairs in the field. Overall an amazingly simple idea that is worth twice the price.

I bought this last year and only got round to trying it today on my Mekk Poggio to get the back wheel up to tinker with my gears. Unfortunately the shape of the hooks and the contours of my frame mean that no matter where I try to hang the bike on the hooks they obscure the wheel from turning by sticking into the spokes! Works fine on my Charge fixie but no gears on that to tinker with:) It's a well made product but depending on what bike you have it might be of no use to you.

Bought one of these to save my full size work stand from being constantly used during cleaning my Mountain Bike. I was really surprised at the quality for the money and it easily adapted with the variable positions to fit my full suspension bike.I have just used it for the first time to clean off last weekends Forest of Dean dirt it holds the bike steady with the rear wheel clear of the ground no problem. I then used it whilst I made some adjustments and re-lubed the transmission.It was perfect and saved me draging my big workstand into the house just for that. Top Buy

A must buy if you don't have any other stand. Works great, good value and takes up no room. Lifts the rear wheel off the ground and does the job whether you're cleaning, tuning or just need a stand. I should have got this years ago.

I've been cleaning and tuning my bike (revolution courier nexus) with it leant against a wall for 18months now thinking stands cost a small fortune. Whilst in the Sheffield shop the other day I noticed this stand and I must say it has to be the best tenner I've ever spent. Lifting just the back wheel off the ground, it makes simple maintenance so easy, holding the bike very steady and giving you two hands to work on the bike. It took about two minutes to adjust it for my bike, weighs hardly anything and takes up hardly any space in the shed. Looks like it's built to last also.

Wow, another victory for 'Revolution'. I already own a similar stand from another supplier, which has the advantage of folding up. But frankly the fact that the 'Revolution' stand doesn’t fold up is not an issue because it can easily be slipped away out of sight. Also the stand from E.B.C. cost me less than half the price of the other stand I own. The toughness of it's build inspires confidence and it has 7 adjustment holes which means a good range of height adjustment. Because of the consistent quality and value for money I'm becoming a big fan of the 'Revolution' brand. I already own two of their bikes: A 'Trail Finder' and 'Compact' folder. Well-done E.B.C. keep em coming!

I had been considering buying a full sized stand but am glad I plumped for this. It holds my large framed hybrid upright and steady and, having adjusting the rear brakes and gears, it has already paid for itself. Plus I don't need to dismantle it after use as it takes up no more storage space than a track pump. Perfect!

This is brilliant and a real bargain. It lifts the rear of the bike off the ground so you can turn the pedals and rear wheel for testing the gears etc and routine maintenance.
It just makes it so much easier to work on the bike and is adjustable to fit as there is several holes for the lower hook to fit in to. Seems to be solid and sturdy just need a spanner to self assemble I am really pleased with it. The hooks are coated so you will not scratch your bike, which is a nice touch. It works as a bike stand too.
Ask a question
Q. Hi. Does the upright part of the stand easily detach from the feet section (for storage purposes)?
A. The feet of the mini workstand are bolted on. The stand could be put back into its box for storage. It is easy to assemble and disassemble so this should only take a couple of minutes.

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