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Revolution Smartphone Holder

(7 reviews)
  • Handlebar stem-mount Smartphone holder.
  • Makes your phone accessible when you ride.
  • Especially useful if you use your phone as a GPS.
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    Revolution Smartphone Holder

    This phone-sized pouch clips onto its handlebar stem-mount bracket (supplied) thus making your phone accessible and usable on the move. What's more, it's weatherproof. That's significant. A rider once told us that the iPhone he carried in his jersey's back pocket was destroyed as a result of riding through a deluge.

    • The see-through case makes it easy to check your GPS. Or your texts.
    • The Smartphone Holder's transparent plastic window is touch sensitive so you can text and scroll while the phone is in its case.
    • You’ll agree that a phone holder is a very smart idea if you’ve ever had to rummage your pockets for a ringing phone whilst cycling.
    • You can adjust the tilt angle of the handlebar stem-mounted bracket till you achieve the most comfortable viewing position.
    • 120x75mm - takes an iPhone 4.
    • Please note: to fit this Smartphone Holder, the bracket slides onto the steerer, taking the place of a 5mm Aheadset spacer. This means that the Revolution Smartphone Holder only fits bicycles with inch and an eighth unthreaded steerers (i.e. the majority of modern bikes).
    • 64g.

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    3.4 / 5
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    Good value and fits very well onto top of stem. Beware, however, that if your "Cateye" wireless computer is mounted anywhere near the middle of the bars,your'phone will be right beside it and the 'phone signal will block the "Cateye's" signal completely. No mention of that when you buy it.

    Great little smartphone holder. Easy to attatch to the bike as well. Emphasis should be on little though, won't hold a phone like a Galaxy S4 in a secure way (the top doesn't close over). If you have a smaller phone though it'll be great. Should say in description it won't fit newest models though.

    East Sussex
    What at bargain! easy to fit, works great and pleasantly understated. Rivals start at about £50. Buy it, its a no-brainer

    A great idea in theory and having had a bad experience with a less than solidly attached phone holder, this looked ideal. The construction is solid however Edinburgh Bicycle need to point out that this is not suitable for angled stems as the mount does not sit correctly on the headset. I do feel that I have been misled into thinking this product would work on my bike.

    Just to mention that I bought it for a Nokia E72 and it fits perfectly.

    I thought this might be a bit gimmicky - but it's not.

Easy to fit onto the steerer, had to relocate the bell on to the fork on the bike but definitely worth it.

I use the cyclemeter app to track my regular commute - this is great to keep an eye on progress. It's secure, weatherproof and just really simple. 

Fits the iPhone 4 perfectly and I fitted it to a Specialized Tricross Sport.

Great for receiving that "can you pick up milk?" text or "you forgot your wallet" - now you can react to these messages in real time rather than view them at your journeys end after retrieving phone from your pocket.

    I have been looking for this device for some time for my wife and was thrilled to find one on a notification from edinburghbicycles. I was just about to order one when I spotted the footnote explaining that it fits to the steerer/spacer on modern bikes and not it seems to the stem or handlebars. No good then, as it needs to fit to the stoker handlebars of a tandem.
    Ask a question
    Q. Will this fit the Iphone 5?
    A. The holder doesn’t quite take an iPhone 5 as they are a little too long.
    Q. Will it fit a Samsung S4?
    A. The smartphone holder won’t fit the Samsung S4 as the S4 is too long for the case.  The case is 120mm x 75mm and your phone is 137mm by 70mm.
    Q. Will this fit a Cannondale CAADX bike, and an iPhone 5S?
    A. There is no problem with it fitting the bike but it looks as though the iPhone 5s might be a bit too big unfortunately although you are welcome to try it of course.
    Q. Can you tell me if it would fit a Xperia Z3 please.
    A. No it probably won't unfortunately as that phone has a 5.2" screen which is too big.
    Q. Will a htc wildfire be too small for the product
    A. We have fitted a HTC Wildfire in the Revolution phone holder previously and it will fit without issue.
    Q. How weatherproof is this? Will it protect my phone in the rain no matter how prolonged/heavy?
    A. The revolution Smartphone holder is weatherproof however it is not fully waterproof. For example it would be fine with a light summer shower however we would not advise its use in a prolonged downpour or any degree of heavy rain.
    Q. Hi! Is this compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S3? Can you ship to Norway?
    A. Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy s3 is not compatible with the Revolution Smartphone holder as it is too wide. For references shipping to Norway would be £5 for small orders under 2kg in weight. When ordering you should find a Western Europe shipping option for this amount.
    Q. Is the holder completely waterproof, ie, will it be okay for using when it's peeing down?
    A. We market the Revolution Smartphone Holder as 'Weatherproof' in that it will stand up to a bit of rough weather, but it is by no means a sealed waterproof unit. We wouldn't advise exposing the Holder to heavy rain as you risk damaging your phone.
    Q. Hi . Do you know if my HTC Wildfire phone would be a suitable fit in this holder ? Thanks Paul
    A. The HTC wildfire will fit in the Revolution Smartphone holder. We are currently out of stock of the Smartphone holder however and it could be a few weeks until more stock arrives. If you do place an order we would be happy to hold it for you until it can be fulfilled.
    Q. Hello, Apologies for another one of these questions, but.... Do you know if this will fit a B'twin Triban 3 from decathlon? Thanks! Paul
    A. The B'twin Triban 3 uses an aheadset system so the Revolution Smartphone holder would fit. The phone holder fits using a bracket attached to a 5mm stem spacer. It fits above the stem on your bike and is quite straightforward to fit.
    Q. Does this hold fit a motorola atrix
    A. Thanks for your enquiry. After having had a look at one of the Smartphone Holders and comparing it to the dimensions of your phone, I would say it will indeed fit. We approximate the maximum dimensions of phone that the Holder can accommodate, as being 120mm x 75mm, with a thickness of no more than about 15mm.
    Q. Will this fit on the Specialized Crosstrail Sport Disc '12?
    A. Our Smartphone Holder should be a straightforward fit onto a Crosstrail Sport Disc 2012, which has a 11/8 aheadset.
    Q. Hi, can this be fitted to a Revolution Country Explorer?
    A. It certainly can! If you pick one up in store a member of staff would be happy to show you how, but it is very straightforward and fits on like a headset spacer.
    Q. Wil this fit on a Specialized Sirrus hybrid bike?
    A. As the Specialized Sirrus has a 11/8" aheadset fitting the Revolution Smartphone should be quite straightforward.
    Q. Does the holder come with rubber/foam insert to prevent a htc desire s from rattling around?
    A. The Revolution Smartphone holder is not supplied with rubber or foam inserts, the holder itself secures the phone in such a way that the requirement for additional padding is not necessary.
    Q. What is the unit made from?
    A. The Revolution Smart Phone holder uses a reinforced plastic mounting bracket and the holder itself is made from Polyurethane.
    Q. Does the holder also suit the iPhone 3GS?
    A. Our smartphone holder is compatible with the Iphone 3GS.
    Q. Hi - does this fit a Cannondale Synapse?
    A. The Cannondale Synapse has an aheadset system so should be compatible with the smartphone holder. The holder is mounted by a 5mm stem spacer which would fit on top of your bikes stem. Generally the bikes stem top cap bolt should be long enough to accommodate this extra 5mm in depth but it is something to double check when fitting.
    Q. Sorry it if this sets a precident, but I wonder if you could also check for a Nokia E72?
    A. We see no reason why the Revolution Smartphone holder will not support the Nokia E72, unfortunately we do not have this model of phone to check for certain however if you were to purchase the holder and found it not to be suitable we would be happy to accept a return.
    Q. Hi, do you know if this holder will fit a Nokia N8?
    A. Our Revolution Smartphone holder should comfortably take a Nokia N8 mobile phone.
    Q. Will this take both an HTC Desire and HTC Desire S (separately that is!)?

    A. Our Revolution Smartphone holder should easily accommodate both the HTC Desire and HTC Desire (S) phones.
    Q. Will a motorola milestone fit into this? Essentially iphone size (about 11.5 by 6 cm) but much thicker (1.5 cm)?
    A. Though we have not tried a Motorola Milestone with the Revolution Smartphone holder we believe it should fit fine. The holder does have some give in it to accommodate smart phones larger than an Iphone (we have tried the Samsung Galaxy which is much longer but no-one in the office has a milestone -sorry).
    Q. Does it have an insert for headphones?
    A. The Revolution Smartphone Holder does not feature a specific headphone port, though there is room to run headphones through the entry flap if desired. The holder itself has been designed as more of a navigation aid if using your phone for GPS purposes.
    Q. Does the holder fit a Samsung Galaxy S2?
    A. We can confirm that the Revolution Smartphone holder is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S2 (we have tested it with a staff members phone).

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