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Revolution Select Telescopic Road Pump

(1 review)
  • Inflates tyres twice as quickly as a similar sized mini pump, thanks to the telescopic barrel.
  • Narrow barrel, Presta-valve-only design, optimised for road bikes.
  • Less than 18cm long (7 inches) it can easily fit a back pocket, a seatpack or a rucsac pocket.
Polished£14.99In Stock

Revolution Select Telescopic Road Pump

The Revolution Select Telescopic Road Pump inflates tyres twice as quickly as a similar sized standard pump.

  • Less than 18cm long (7 inches) it can easily fit a back pocket, a seatpack or a rucsac pocket.
  • Being so tiny you're not likely to be tempted to leave it behind to save space or weight or complication as you might a full-sized frame pump, so you'll always have it with you as a back-up.
  • CNC-machined aluminium alloy construction ensures the pump works smoothly and it looks beautiful.
  • The narrow barrel, Presta-valve-only design informs you that this pump is optimised for road bikes.
  • The pump head's small but very positive lever lock helps ensure air doesn't escape when you inflate a tyre.
  • A push-on integral rubber dust cap prevents the ingress of dirt into the chuck's internals.
  • A rubber lock ring secures the pump handle in place and prevents it from moving in transit.
  • Supplied with bottle cage boss-fitting bracket.
  • Guaranteed for life against material or manufacturing defects.
  • Only 82g (+20g for bracket and bolts).

Mini Pumps

Forgive us for stating the obvious but, everything else being equal, a long-barrel pump will deliver more air than a short pump. As with any mini pump, it will take more effort and many more strokes to inflate a tyre with a mini pump. However, its sheer portability means that a mini pump has its place as a 'get you home' pump.Having said that, we would always recommend using a long hand pumpor a track pumpfor regular inflation.

The Revolution Select Range

Our Select range continues our trademark Revolution ambition to make quality bike equipment more affordable.

With our Revolution Select range we take this quality theme to the next level by upgrading the specification from 'best at its price point' to 'simply the best available'. Hence the lifetime guarantee on all Revolution Select equipment.


Revolution is Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op's own brand of uniquely-styled bikes and cycling equipment: every line expressly designed to offer industry-leading value for money.

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I got this pump. Small but powerfull. Also great value for the money. it fits in my bottle tool box. i have used this on few 100m audax. deffinenetly recommend this.
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Q. Will it pump to 140 p.s.i.?
A. The Select Telescopic pump will inflate road tyres to a maximum of 120psi. If you are looking for a small hand pump that will inflate up to 140psi then we would recommend the Blackburn Airstik SL which you can see here. It will inflate up to 160psi.
Q. Your advert doesn't state the max pounds per square inch the pump is capable of . Could you provide that information please ? Important for road bikes on a long run (Secretary of a cycling club)
A. The Select Telescopic Pump will inflate road tyres to a maximum of 120psi.