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Revolution Gear Hanger

  • Rear gear hanger for our own Revolution frames.
  • An essential spare part worth carrying on any significant ride.
  • Also known as a right-hand rear dropout.
Continental '06 To '10£14.99In Stock
Continental '11 Onwards£14.99In Stock
Continental Sport Disc '14£14.99In Stock
Cross£14.99In Stock
Red For Continental '11 Onwards£14.99In Stock
Scandium ATB£11.99In Stock
Scandium Road£11.99In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
Standard£14.99In Stock
Triad '08/'09£9.99In Stock

Revolution Gear Hanger

Essential spare part for our Revolution frames.

Own an aluminium-frame bike? We'd always recommend carrying a spare gear hanger AKA right-hand rear dropout.

This is a sacrificial part so if you take a hit on this most vulnerable part of the frame, the replaceable drop out bends or breaks. And, hopefully, not the derailleur. Or the frame.


Our own-brand Revolution bicycles and bike equipment exclusively available from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. Free delivery on orders over £20.

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Scandium ATB5052308000546
Scandium Road5052308000553

Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

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Ask a question
Q. Will a standard gear hanger fit a 2010 Revolution Cuillin Pro? If not which one does?
A. The standard hanger should fit your Cullin.
Q. Will the standard fit a courier 27 from around 2008 is?
A. The standard hanger should fit your Courier.
Q. I have an unfortunately bent hanger on a 2013 Revolution Country Traveller. Do you sell replacement hangers for this model, or could you recommend me somewhere that does please?
A. You need the standard hanger, listed on this page.
Q. I have a 2014 Revolution Cross Disc. Which hanger would I need?
A. It should be the one marked 'Cross' on this page and our product code is 97609.
Q. Which hanger would I need for a Revolution Cross Pro '13 ?
A. You will find your hanger in the link I posted below. It is labelled as "Cross".
Q. I have a Courier from about the year 2000. Will any of these Gear Hangers fit it?
A. From around 2000 your Courier would be an Edinburgh rather than Revolution model. One of the hangers we stock may fit though we would need to see the hanger from your Courier to be certain. If possible could you send us some pictures of your current hanger or drop by one of our shops with the hanger. From this we should be able to work our which hanger you require.
Q. Will the standard type fit a Cullin Sport '06?
A. As far as I'm aware, that is indeed the correct hanger to fit your bike.

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