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Revolution Flash Silicone LED Rear Light

(9 reviews)
  • Fantastic value USB-rechargeable LED rear light.
  • The silicone strap seatpost mount is part of the lamp.
  • This arrangement makes easy to remove the lamp and swap it between bikes.
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Revolution Flash Silicone LED Rear Light

This fantastic value rechargeable LED light is a beautifully-simple integrated design.

  • The single high-lumen LED and its magnifier lens are encased in a robust water-resistant silicon-rubber lamp body.
  • 2 operation modes: constant beam or flashing.
  • Integrated design: the stretch silicone strap is part of the lamp's body.
  • This strap secures the lamp to your seatpost in one second - no tools required.
  • This arrangement makes it dead easy to swap the lamp between different bikes - no spare brackets required.
  • This system also makes it easy to remove the lamp when you park the bike, and to refit it when you set off again.
  • Supplied with a simple USB charger LED.
  • One end of the charger plugs into any computer's USB port.
  • The other end plugs into a port in the back of the lamp and charges up the battery.
  • The lamp's indicator light changes from red to green to inform you when the battery is fully charged.
  • Charging takes no more than 2.5 hours.
  • Life expectancy: 500 charges.
  • Run time: up to 11 hours.
  • Max dimension: 6 x 4 x 3cm. This lamp is genuinely pocketable.
  • Total weight: 28g AKA one ounce.
  • Edinburgh Bicycle support recycling electrical equipment.


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4.1 / 5
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After my tail light fell off and was run over I bought this to tide me over for the few times I need lights over the summer. Used it a handful of times, then it died and won't recharge. Don't economise on lights - you get what you pay for.

I use this for a short daily commute and it works brilliantly. Charges quickly whilst in work, battery lasts for ages and it's bright enough to dazzle, Highly recommended.

Bright, easy to attach, easy to charge with the supplied USB cable (uses mini USB so if you lose the cable, you probably have another for a camera, phone etc)

These lights are a great idea. Unfortunately the rear one's started switching itself off a few seconds after turning it on, which is a bit dangerous, as you don't realise till you get home.

Yes the light is bright enough but it does not meet the claimed run times and will die without warning, doesn't get dull or fade, just stops. This was bought as a secondary light to 'back up' my CatEye LED Light LD1100 Rear Opticube' and the point of a secondary light is to offer back up, and it's a bit worrying if you can't rely on it.

Great product. Nice and bright. I lock my bike outside every day so being able to fit and remove a light quickly is very useful. Have been using this over the winter months and has stood the test so far. My only slight annoyance with it is that I don't find the red low power warning light distinctive so have been caught with a flat battery a couple of times.

Love it. These rear light is easy to take off and pocket size; perfect if you want to avoid someone stealing it when you leave it outside while you go to lectures. The light is bright and I like the fact that is USB rechargeable, I never can be bothered to go buy batteries. And they even recycle the package if you want! If you decided to buy this one, it is great with the Revolution Flash Front Silicone LED Light.

I had front and rear until recently. Both excellent, but useless if you dont have the charging cable. They are so convenient to take off to prevent the undesireables from nicking them. However, I left mine on one morning at the Commie pool, and I came out to find they had been pinched! No doubt in the bin by now as the rotten wee beggars who nicked them are unlikely to have shelved out to buy the charging cable.

My wife has one of these, and I have to say it's excellent. When we ride together in the evenings, she always goes in front. Cycling behind this light, it's actually so bright that I have to keep my distance from her, otherwise it's a little dazzling for me. Battery life is excellent and it being rechargeable is brilliant. The only negative point (if you can call it that) is that it will only fit to your seat post, and as my wife has a rear rack and doesn't have the seat up very high, unless it's positioned just right the rack can obscure the light. However, if you have your seat around 6 inches or more higher than the frame, or if you do not use a rear rack, this is not an issue at all. The only thing that could make this a better light is if it had an option to somehow be positioned elsewhere on the bike.
Ask a question
Q. Hi, I have lost the cable to charge the light... What cable should I buy to replace it?
A. We don’t sell the charging cables separately but it is basically a mini-USB cable which you will need which are widely available.
Q. Believe it or not I plugged this into the usb on my tv. It lights up red so is charging. However it didnt turn green to let me know when fully charged. Could I ovrcharge it and damage it or am I best to charge for 2.5 hrs and then unplug?
A. Hmm, it should certainly go green at some point although apparently it can be difficult to see with the red casing. You shouldn't be able to overcharge it so we would recommend charging for 2.5 hours and it should be fine.
Q. My light won't charge because every laptop I plug it into says it is too high power, and shuts down the USB port. Is this common / fixable? If not, it'll have to go back to the shop, but think I lost my receipt.
A. Thanks for your question. The light must be plugged into a powered USB port (it will not draw enough power to charge otherwise). We would be happy to check it for you if you want to bring it back, we'll have a record of your receipt from the original purchase.

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