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Revolution Flash Silicone LED Front Light

(17 reviews)
  • Fantastic value USB-rechargeable LED front light.
  • The silicone strap handlebar mount is part of the lamp.
  • This arrangement makes easy to remove the lamp and swap it between bikes.
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Revolution Flash Silicone LED Front Light

This fantastic value USB-rechargeable LED light is a beautifully-simple integrated design.

  • The single high-lumen LED and its magnifier lens are encased in a robust water-resistant silicon-rubber lamp body.
  • 3 operation modes: full power constant beam, half power constant beam or flashing.
  • Integrated design: the stretch silicone strap is part of the lamp's body.
  • This strap secures the lamp to your handlebars in one second - no tools required.
  • This arrangement makes it dead easy to swap the lamp between different bikes - no spare brackets required.
  • This system also makes it easy to remove the lamp when you park the bike, and to refit it when you set off
  • Supplied with a simple USB cable charger.
  • One end of the charger plugs into any computer's USB port.
  • The other end plugs into a port in the back of the lamp and charges up the battery.
  • The lamp's indicator light changes from red to green to inform you when the battery is fully charged.
  • Charging takes no more than 2.5 hours.
  • Life expectancy: 500 charges.
  • Run time: up to 11 hours.
  • Max dimension: 7 x 5 x 4cm makes this lamp is genuinely pocketable.
  • Total weight: 38g.
  • Edinburgh Bicycle support recycling electrical equipment.

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4.6 / 5
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Use this for a short daily commute and have been very impressed. Charges quickly, lasts ages and is bright enough to dazzle. Also very well made and even after 2 years looks like new. Doesn't light up a large area in front but is excellent for visibilty for other road users; ideal for use on street lit roads. Would buy again if this ever broke or was stolen

These are great value and very well designed.

Very bright lights for their size, particularly the rear lamp. My wife and I have a set each for our various bikes and have used the lights for a couple of years. They're very economical and of course can be recharged by USB. I also like the battery charge indicator lamp on them - not so easy to see on the rear lamp. I have more powerful lights for cycling on unlit roads but the Revolution front light is still good enough to get you home in the dark. Finally, they're compact, water resistant and can be fitted or removed in seconds. First class lights and great value.

This is the best bike light I have ever owned (well maybe apart from the matching rear one). I lost my first one and didn't hesitate to buy another. It is very bright, quick and easy to take off and on, charges quickly and lasts a long time. Also, unlike other soft cased front lights (eg knogg) this one doesn't seem to switch itself on when in your bag or pocket. If you want a USB charging front light this is an excellent purchase.

So far… so impressed! The EASIEST, speediest ever attachment to bike, bright enough. What more can you ask for?! I'm impressed enough to buy an additional four lights for relatives and friends!

Outstanding value. I've had the rear version on my road bike for the last year and it's been faultless. The front version is super bright and charges in a couple of hours via USB on my laptop. Great versatility easily swapping around my bikes and incredibly light. Also fits perfectly on my Prevail helmet.

These awesome lights really pack a punch. the best thing is that they are rechargeable (come with a charger but also an old blackberry charger works!) and saves you buying batteries so they're very economical in the long run. The flash can be seen from a long distance and they pop on and off the bike so easily. I use them for commuting but also pop them into my back pocket if I am on a road ride later in the day, just in case it starts to get dark. They weigh nothing and are such a good price - I bought two for extra bling! I bought the red ones so I can spot them easily in the bottom of my pannier.

Real cool Light works well looks good so bright at a price that is out of this world, you just can not go wrong with this light. A must for any one that commutes to work

Great product. Nice and bright. I lock my bike outside every day so being able to fit and remove a light quickly is very useful. Have been using this over the winter months and has stood the test so far.

Love it. These front light is easy to take off and pocket size; perfect if you want to avoid someone stealing it when you leave it outside while you go to lectures. The light is bright and I like the fact that is USB rechargeable, I never can be bothered to go buy batteries. And when you buy it they even recycle the package if you want!

I've had both front and rear lights for about a year. hadn't used them for about 6 months over the summer and, unsurprisingly had to charge them again. thought the front one wasn't working cause it took over an hour for the red indicator to come on. eventually it did and is working fine. both lights are good additional safety lights but in the urban environment on dark winter nights where you really want to be seen, brighter lights are needed.

I have two of these, recommended by a workmate last year. They have been spot on so far. I work near a pc so I charge them whenever I use them at work, they are bright (I have had loads of lights in my 20+ years cycling), I couldn't tell you how long they last on a charge as I only commute for about 6 hours at the most before a charge...and they aren't flat. Small enough to have two on the bars without getting in the way, easy to put in your pocket as a decent back up. I'm a fan. buy one. If you don't like it send it to me.

My wife and I have one of these each, and she also has the rear one... they are truly excellent. I was dubious about how bright a single LED could be, but was more than pleasantly surprised the first time I used it. They aren't really designed to light up the road, though they do a passable job of this where necessary, but they do an excellent job of allowing you to be seen. I use mine on the flashing mode and you can clearly see road signs quite a way ahead being lit up by this light (moreso than a cateye light I had which cost twice as much). Battery life is also excellent, and the fact they're rechargeable is a huge plus point. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.

I bought this light at the end of last summer ready for the dark mornings coming on, Its a great little light and when fully charged can be seen flashing in the road signs about 30 meters ahead. I wanted it as more of a warning light than an headlight for the bike as I commute on main roads.
It has three modes high/low/flash (I’ve only ever used flash) and can be attached and removed from the handlebars easily and is charged via USB (only) socket in the bottom -(it has to be removed to be charged). 
BAD POINT: - At first it would last 8- 10 hours on a charge -(My commute is 1 hour long)
But after 16-17 charges it now only lasts 3-4 hours - the battery cant be accessed to replace so soon will need charged every day 
I picked this light as the well-known brand the same took replaceable batteries & only lasted 4-5 hrs so would need new batteries every week and they are £2.50 each All in all this light has paid for itself in battery's alone but thought it might of lasted a bit longer - if it did it would of got 5*.

Quite simply the absolutely best light I have ever bought for power, efficiency and fantastic value! I recently bought a very similar big brand name light for much more that wasn't half as powerful. I actually bought the Revolution Flash as a second light but it is better than my 'main' light and no-one can believe such a small light can have such a massively powerful flash, just brilliant, I want to buy lots more an give them to all my friends!

Bought a pair for myself and one has stopped working after two charges and a little use.
Other one is still running strong - very bright light all the club members make comment when its on and ask where I purchased!

Ask a question
Q. I have a road bike with quite thick handlebars about 31-32 cm in diameter. Will this light fit on my road bike?
A. The Flash front light will fit onto both standard and oversize handlebars as you have on your road bike. The light uses a stretch silicone strap fitting that makes it easy to fit and remove.
Q. Does it meet British Standards for a main light?
A. The Revolution Flash Front light does not meet British Standards. You will find below the reason from our buying manager Andy. The original Safety Standards for lights is that the light must meet BS 6102/3 or, with the 2005 amendment to the Road vehicle lighting Regulations, any Light that flashes at 60-240 times per minute and is above a certain brightness. However, the flashing light must ONLY have a flashing mode for the light to be approved. This is not the case on most bike lights and therefore they do not conform to the current safety standards. The Flash therefore does not conform to the standards, as is the case with most lights on the Cycle Market. As it stands, we only do one light that meets the BS 6102/3 standard in a rear light. The only other light that conforms would by dynamo lighting.

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