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Revolution Country Traveller '13

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  • Contender for Best Value Touring Bike in the UK.
  • ‘It’s rather obvious that the Revolution is a better bike.' Cycle magazine.
  • 7005 aluminium alloy compact geometry frame.
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Revolution Country Traveller

‘It’s rather obvious that the Revolution is a better bike.' Cycle magazine.

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When Cycle (the CTC magazine) tested our Country Traveller against one of the few other £500 tourers on the market, they concluded:
‘It’s rather obvious that the Revolution is a better bike. For a start it’s lighter - a lot lighter. Some say weight doesn’t matter on tour. I disagree, and besides tourers should be versatile.’ Cycle magazine. December 2011/January 2012.
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In response to requests from customers looking for a Country Traveller frame that was shorter in both reach and stepover height, for 2013, this versatile lightweight touring bike is available in 2 new sizes, 46 & 49cm, to complement the existing 52, 55 and 58cm sizes.

  • The 7005 aluminium alloy frame's compact geometry resists flex, even when the bike is heavily laden with panniers.
  • The compact geometry also lowers the bike's centre of gravity and contributes to the Revolution Country's stable feel, making it perfect for long days on the road.
  • Both the alloy frame and the steel fork boast a full complement of bosses and eyelets for fitting mudguards and racks.
  • Full chromoplastic mudguards and rear rack come fitted.
  • The CST 700 x 32 Kevlar Inside tyres boasts the kind of sure-footed, puncture-resistant yet pacey ride we once believed was the preserve of the best German tyre companies.
  • The tyres are fitted to good reliable wheels built with Revolution Touring double-wall machined rims on Shimano hubs (cassette rear) so you can be confident you'll never suffer a broken axle.
  • Shimano 2303 Dual Control shifters integrate the 3x8 gear levers with the brake levers. This allows you to change gear without taking your hands off the brake hoods, hence no loss of control or momentum. When changing gear is this simple, it becomes as unconscious as taking breath. And when changing gear becomes no big deal, you're more likely to ride in the right one.
  • The SunTour touring chainset with 26/36/48 chainrings offers a tremendous range of gears when matched with the 11-32t Shimano 8-speed cassette.
  • The 42cm-wide Kalloy alloy 31.8mm-centre bars are wrapped in comfy shock-damping gel-cushioned Velo cork tape.
  • Fitted with chromoplastic mudguards and stable, steel, 4-point-fitting pannier rack.
  • The deluxe Selle Royale Viper saddle is fitted to a quality 350x27.2mm industry-standard micro-adjustable seatpost.
  • Approximate Weight: 14.8kg (based upon weighing one example of this bike. We weigh the whole bike as you would receive it with pedals reflectors and bell - items many bike companies remove before weighing their bicycles. Weights can fluctuate between different sizes and builds so please regard our published weights as a useful guide.)

Revolution Country Overview
Our Revolution Country Traveller touring bike is like a road bike, specially adapted with the extra clearance and braze-on eyelets required to take its cantilever brakes, mudguards, pannier rack and 700x32 tyres. Its touring geometry makes a Revolution Country feel comfortable and stable - even when fully laden. Ride a Revolution Country sans panniers, you’ll discover that it doubles as a nippy commuter bike. Our current 3-bike range continues a proud tradition, of offering exceptional value Country touring bikes, going back to 1985.

Touring Bike Sizing Guide.


Revolution is Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op's own brand of uniquely-styled bikes and cycling equipment: every line expressly designed to offer industry-leading value for money.

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Frame 7005 Aluminium Alloy
Fork Hi-Tensile Steel
Headset 1.1/8” Ahead, Semi-Integrated
Shifters Shimano, ST-2303
Rear Mech Shimano, RD-M360
Front Mech Shimano, FD-2303, 31.8mm
Chainset Suntour, XCR, 48/36/26t, 170mm, Black
Bottom Bracket Cartridge Square Taper
Cassette / Freewheel Shimano, HG-31, 11-32t, 8 Speed
Front Hub Shimano, HB-RM40, 32h, QR, Black
Rear Hub Shimano, FB-RM40, 32h, QR, Black
Spokes / Nipples Steel / 14G Brass
Rims Touring, Doublewall Alloy, Black
Tyres CST, Traveller City Classic 700x32c, w/Kevlar
Brakes Calipers Tektro CR720 Cantilever, Alloy, Silver
Brakes Levers Shimano, ST-2303
Handlebar 420mm, Alloy, Compact, 31.8, Matte Black
Stem Touring, Alloy, 90mm, 7° Rise, Black
Grips / Bartape Velo Gel, Black
Saddle Selle Royal, Viper
Seat Post Revolution, 27.2mm, 350mm, Black
Pedals Resin Flats w/Toeclips and Straps
Weight 14.88kg / 32.8lbs

This weight is based upon a 55cm sized example of this bike. We weighed the complete bike as you would receive it, complete with pedals and EN / BS-approved reflectors and bell.

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4.3 / 5
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I bought this bike to replace a faithful 1970s Harry Quinn which was retired after suffering a broken axle during commuting duty. It rides well, and is remarkably stable when loaded, and although the weight is noticeable when riding unladen, the extra carrying capacity is appreciated. I have had a few niggles however: the stock tyres are a little slippy on the roads of Durham, and the wheels have required truing twice in the month that I have owned the bike. The paintwork looks brilliant, but unfortunately is not particularly resilient, which is mainly cosmetic with the frame being made of alloy, but still it would be nice have paint on rather than off. Also, people wishing to use modern panniers, particularly those using the Rixen & Kaul locking systems may find their bags may not fit the stock rack, as although it is adequately stiff and strong, the actual diameter throughout is only about 6 or 7mm, which is too small for my Altura panniers. All-round, it represents a good buy for the money, but just as with any new bike at this price point, expect to pay a little extra to get it set up how you like (I find the reach a little close on a 58cm, and personally disagree with saddle for longer than 10 miles, but that is personal preference rather than component choice). I would recommend a new set of grippier tyres and Koolstop Salmon brake pads for true stopping confidence, but otherwise a cracking buy.

I bought my 58cm country traveller primarily as an inexpensive long distance commuter. Overall, I'm very impressed with the bike, especially the quality of the frame, which is excellent. My only real criticism concerns the rear wheel, which I ended up dismantling and rebuilding because I was having to re-true it after every ride. I'm a big guy and I ride on some of the most pot holed roads in the known universe, but it was still disappointing. My experience could simply have arisen from a rogue wheel, although I believe a 32 spoke rear wheel for a touring bike is not ideal. Despite this I would still not hesitate to recommend this bike, especially given the very competitive price.

Country traveller 13 52cm this bike is very comfortable and easy ride on uneven roads gear changes are easy to use the only things I will change the saddle for a better quality one and will be be looking to upgrade the pedals.
Ask a question
Q. I need to replace the bottom bracket of my 2012 Traveller (it's done 10K so no complaints). What is the spec of the make/model of the the bottom bracket, please (i.e. brand, width, thread sizes etc ?
A. The bottom bracket is square taper, 68x118 - for a good quality replacement to the OEM unit fitted we would suggest the Shimano UN 55. This has a metal left hand cup and improved seals on the bearings so should last longer on your bike. Thread size is 1.37x24 - this is the standard for British/I.S.O. bottom brackets, which account for the majority of modern bikes.
Q. Does the weight of this bike published (14.88kg) include the weight of the pannier rack and mudguards?
A. The weight of the bike does include the rack and mudguards. It also includes pedals. The weight is for the bike as you would receive it with everything fitted. You could remove the rack and mudguards in the summer if you were looking for the bike to double up as a commuting bike or just for a lighter bike for some single day rides.
Q. Hello, does this bike come with the pannier rack and mudguards included? Would you recommend this bike as a commuter for work (5 miles each way)?
A. Thanks for your email. The bike does indeed come with the mudguards and rack as pictured. While it's designed with loaded touring in mind it has also been a very popular commuter bike - you could ride it to and from work and then take it on holiday in the summer time!
Q. It is mentioned that the tyres are with kevlar, does this make them "puncture proof", equivalent to the Continental Contact on a Ridgeback for example.
A. Thanks for your email, the Revolution Country Traveller does come with kevlar tyres. Unfortunately these tyres are like any other in that they are 'puncture resistant' not 'puncture proof' and will only reduce the risk of punctures rather than prevent them entirely.
Q. I am trying to work out what size to buy in this bike - I am a 5'7" woman with inside leg 33". Would the 55cm or the 52cm be better? For what it's worth, I will need to wear a skirt with this bike from time to time (with leggings if need be) so will need to get a leg over the bar! Many thanks.
A. Given your height, we would recommend riding a 55cm. Your inside leg is actually a little longer than most so this would suggest that the 55cm is the one to go for. Unfortunately I don't personally have any experience riding touring bikes whilst wearing skirts! However, again given your inside leg, I really wouldn't see this being too much of a problem. You could always drop the saddle a little bit to make it easier to get on and off the bike when you're not dressed in your cycling clothing but we would still suggest that the 55cm is the one you want to go for.If you are at all uncertain, please feel free to drop by one of our stores. Bike sizing is always a bit of a "best guess" but if you can make it into the store, we should be able to let you try a few different bikes so that you can feel comfortable in the choice you are making.
Q. Is it possible to have the shifters upgraded to something with dual control (like the 2013 sora or claris)? If so, how much extra would this be?
A. The Country Traveller comes as standard with Shimano 2300 STI levers. It would be possible to change these though only for other 8 speed levers. You would need to change the complete drivetrain to 9 speed components to run Sora levers. The new Shimano Claris levers would be compatible and are £109.99. As our bikes come with a standard spec you would need to purchase these levers separately on top of the full cost of the bike. We would be able to fit them for free and you would be supplied with the 2300 levers removed from the bike. If this is something you are interested in going ahead with please give us a call on 0131 3315010.
Q. Could you elaborate on the recommended maximum weight that the Revolution Country Traveller (55 cm) could carry on its rear rack, and perhaps on a potential front lowrider rack?
A. The rear rack is rated up to 25kg. For a front rack we would recommend the Blackburn FL1 Lo Rider Carrier (see here), which is rated up to 11kg.
Q. Could you publish the weight of your bikes please - perhaps the mid-size in each case?
A. We don't have a weight on file for this bike as yet, the previous year's Traveller was 14.5kg for the 55cm so we would expect this bike to be about the same. Where possible we try to supply weights for bikes and this will be shown on our website where applicable.
Q. I'm a bit confused about your sizing guide: should I be looking at the standard bike size column for this bike, or the "compact" column?
A. You would want to be referring to the left hand column for this - ie, if you're 5'10 you would want the 55cm (the guide is general rather than specific - this bike is available in the sizes listed on the website).
Q. I would like a bike such that I can ride from john O'Groats to lands end. I have not cycled much though did do a 191mile Chatham to Weymouth ride in 25 hours 8 years ago on a borrowed bike. Please advise on best choice. I looked at revolution country traveller but how heavy is it and would the 32mm tyres make it a bit heavy going for long distances? Do you have any bikes with tyres around 28mm and drop bars? Many thanks.
A. The Country Traveller would be more than capable of a ride from John O'Groats to Lands End. It is not as you have noticed the lightest bike however other features of the bike could make it a good choice for you. As a touring bike the riding position on the Country Traveller is designed to be comfortable and this is aided by larger volume tyres than you would find on a road bike. If you are carry luggage on your ride then the extra durability and stability the Traveller offers over a road bike would help. For long rides the Country Traveller won't be the fastest bike however it will be comfortable day in day out. If you don't plan on carry much luggage and/or you want something a bike faster and lighter then a light tourer or audax style bike could make more sense. Even an adapted cross style bike could be an option. We would recommend considering our own Revolution Audax which you can see here. The Audax is designed for longer rides and would offer both speed and comfort. The steel frame and carbon fork help to create a smooth ride and overall it's a couple of kg lighter than the Traveller. Spending a bit less our Revolution Cross (see here) could be another option for you. It would require a change of tyres for road use. Compared to the Country Traveller it is a lighter bike and compared to the Audax it's a bit more robust with a lower overall gearing. One thing we would suggest considering is what sort of riding you will be doing before and after your John O'Groats to Lands End ride. Many bikes will be capable of this but it may be as important to consider a bike you will get the most regular use out of.
Q. Hello, Does this bike come with a kickstand? Ben
A. Thanks for your email / Q&A Although our Revolution Country Traveller does not come with a Propstand it is fairly easy to fit one, like this one? If bought at the same time as the bike, we'd be happy to fit it for you.
Q. Can you fit 'top-bar' (I think that is what they are called) additional brake levers to any of your touring bikes?
A. It is possible to fit cross top levers to our Country Traveller or Explorer. If you order additional levers with the bike then we can fit the for free. We would recommend the Tektro RL721 levers which you can see here.

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