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Revolution Contact Two-Way Clipless Pedals

(2 reviews)
  • Best of all worlds pedals.
  • One side of the pedal can be clipped into, SPD style (cleats come suppled).
  • The other side is flat and grippy for riding in everyday shoes.
  • Read the Review.
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Revolution Contact Duo Pedals

Best of all worlds

Best of all worlds: one side of the pedal has an SPD-compatible cleat retainer for cycling shoes, the other is flat and grippy for everyday shoes. This makes Revolution Contact Duo the perfect pedal if you appreciate the efficiency of a shoe binding system for most rides, but there are some times you to go out in black leather dress shoes and other times you want to laze in your rubber soled Converse basketball shoes.

  • Revolution Contact Duo Pedals are weighted so the shoe-binding side is always right way up when you want to step in.
  • When you ride them in a non-cycling shoe, you quickly remember the knack of flipping round the opposite side - same as you would with a toeclipped pedal.
  • Cleats come supplied and they are 100% interchangeable with SPD - i.e. if you already own a pair of shoes fitted with SPD cleats, you can use them right away with Revolution Contact Duo Pedals. You can then keep the FPD cleats supplied as spares.
  • With its alloy body, steel cage, steel bearings and CrMo axle, the Revolution Contact Duo is as well built and looks as good as rival pedals costing double.
  • Weight: 464g.
  • Read the Review.


Our own-brand Revolution bicycles and bike equipment exclusively available from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. Free delivery on orders over £20.

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Fantastic versatile set of pedals at usual revolution high quality and low price. As a commuter I was doubtful at first if I would notice any benefit from these but was amazed at extra performance from using spd cleats. So easy to unclip from when coming to a halt and being double sided you can use these with ease whatever footwear you are sporting.

A pair of these pedals was my first foray into clipless for the MTB. Great pedals that I can use with ordinary trainers or just clip out and pull away from junctions. Ideal for when I have the trailer and grandkids on the back of the bike. I can pull away, get up to speed then flip them over and clip in when I'm ready.
Ask a question
Q. I have 3-hole road cycling shoes (Northwave Jet Pro). Can these be used with the two-bolt SPD style cleats supplied with the pedals?
A. Road shoes that use three bolt cleat systems can't be used with 2 bolt cleat systems like these pedals.
Q. one of the cleat screws dropped out on first use. Can I buy a replacement and some spares?
A. Replacement cleat bolts are available to buy on our website here, under shoe spares and cleats.
Q. Can these be fitted with reflectors, which after all are a legal requirement for pedals?
A. These pedals do not come with reflectors but they do have holes for toe clips/straps etc so it should be possible to fit reflectors to them also.
Q. Can the bearings be removed and serviced using standard bike/workshop tools? I ask with good reason - a certain other similar looking pedal from a well known company apparently needs a special dedicated tool costing - last time I looked - about £25. I was told the pedals were user servicable when I bought them but this is not my definition of user servicable for something as simple as a bearing. The review you quote suggests that they are servicable with normal tools but I'd like to check.
A. Thanks for your question. The Revolution Two Way Pedals are not sold as being user serviceable. It is theoretically possible however we would not recommend it.
Q. Are these pedals compatible with the 3 hole look road cleat system?
A. The contact two-way pedals are not compatible with 3-bolt cleats. They are for use two bolt SPD style cleats (supplied with the pedals).
Q. Hello, do these pedals come with SPD or FPD cleats? The shoes I have are SPD compatible but the description and summary blurb at the top of the page appear to be contradictory. Hope you can help, thanks very much.
A. Our Revolution Two-Way pedals are SPD-Cleat compatible, but come with a pair of Cleats supplied that are made by FPD that are very similar with SPD Cleats. The FPD cleats are two-bolt and will work with Shimano Compatible Shoes and Shimano Compatible Pedals as well as our own Contact Clipless pedal system.

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