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Revolution New Blades Sunglasses Set

(8 reviews)
  • Cycling Sunglass Set with interchangeable smoke, yellow and clear lenses.
  • 'For the money the best set of cycling glasses I've tested. 9/10.' Cycling Plus.
  • Updated for 2013.
£9.99In Stock

Revolution New Blades

Revolution Blades come with spare lenses you can change with the weather.

  • Updated for 2013.
  • A pair of smoke lenses for bright light.
  • A pair of yellow lenses for low light.
  • A pair of clear lenses for no light.
  • The UV400 lenses offer crucial cornea protection - even the clear ones block UV rays.
  • Wraparound shape deflects wind and glare.
  • Rubber temple tips & nose piece for comfort.
  • Supplied with soft carry pouch with pockets for spare lenses.
  • Exceeds British and CE standards.
  • Read the Review.


Our own-brand Revolution bicycles and bike equipment exclusively available from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op. Free delivery on orders over £20.

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Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

Average: 2.8 / 5
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Sadly, have to agree with the other reviews. They are simply too big and too loose, and I doubt that they will stay on when I'm on the bike. A huge disappointment because the "old" ones were superb. £10 down the drain.

I just want to second what Nick said. The new design is way too loose. I notice that there are two 5-star reviews here, but as one of them states that they were bought 5-10 years ago, he or she is obviously talking about the old design - which was fine - and I suspect that applies to the other good reviews too. So, unless you have a particularly wide head, avoid these.

Tree Lane
I'm disappointed to say that the fit on the pair of 'New Blades' I received is so loose that I find almost unwearable - and in fact have yet to wear them on a ride for fear that they will simply fall off at the first bump. I have been a fan of Revolution Blades Sunglasses for years, and still have a few spare sets of lenses. The fit problem could be limited. Apart from this the changes seem to be small. I didn't have the time when they arrived to return them and by now it's probably too late.

Long Eaton
I've had these for about a year now. Initially I was pretty happy with them, and they're still OK. There are a few problems I've noticed with them though, when taking the glasses off that flexes the frame enough (with my head size anyway) that the lenses often fall out land on the ground and end up scratched - they seem looser now than when new. The rubber sheaths on the legs get really loose with age and can slide off when taking the glasses off also which is very easy to miss until you go to put them on and they're no longer comfortable. The rubber on the nose support has started to fall off regularly now to. The rubber bits falling off can be easily remedied with glue. The lenses falling out is a more serious issue. I lost a clear lens which fell out when I on the move and found its way under traffic, both yellow lenses are badly scratched. But I suppose they're only £20, so that's probably a fair price for them.

Actually quite poor glasses. These might have 3 different colour lenses that are actually easy to change but the design is very poor-it's the size of the lenses-width wise they are ok but they are not deep enough-when you wear them you can see the bottom of the lens even when you look ahead and it can make you feel disorientated as your vision moves from looking through the lens to glimpsing ahead without the lens and the change of colour (not covering enough of the field of vision). Just poor design really. Couldn't have been that difficult to make lenses that actually cover your field of vision correctly. Thought Revo' stuff is meant to be good!

Bought mine 5-10 years ago and they've lasted brilliantly. A few minor surface scratches but nothing serious. More importantly, the fit is excellent, they demist pretty quickly and it's dead easy to change lenses without damaging either lens or frame.
The only criticism really, is about storage. The soft tie-bag is safe, durable and has 2 pockets on the side, where the Left & Right lenses fit nicely. So that's one set in the frames, one set in the pockets, where do I keep the other set, where they won't get lost/scratched? Not perfect, but damn near. I keep my unused lenses in a wee plastic bag (that they came in, I think), with the lenses not touching; this lives in the bottom of the main compartment. That way all the lenses are together should I need them.
Alternatively, you could probably but 2 lenses in each pocket, with a piece of tissue between them. If the pockets are big enough.
Anyway, bottom line - these are superb, for bike or (dare I say it) car or anything. Tough, durable, good quality, cheap, get some today!

I purchased these from the Sheffield store last year and have not broken these yet as I usually do with sunglasses.
They seem pretty indestructible as they bend and give a bit without breaking. The 3 sets of lens are a good idea and the yellow tinted ones really seem to brighten up a grey day. The lenses are easy to change and being removable makes them easy to clean as well. Nice and lightweight, they do the job for me perfectly.
Why pay more?

West Lothian
Having owned several pairs of (much) more expensive, allegedly stylish sunglasses, I'm more than happy with these. Would definitely recommend to a friend who cycles.
3 lenses for different conditions, also available as spares when you scratch or lose your favourite pair.
Ask a question
Q. I've got several spare sets of lenses for the older blades - will the fit the new blades?
A. Sorry, they won't unfortunately, the frame design was also changed and the older lenses aren't compatible.
Q. I read in the review that spare lenses weren't available. Is this still the case?
A. Spare lenses are now available once more.

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