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Revolution Air Track Pump Sport

(17 reviews)
  • Revolution Air Track Pump Sport bicycle pump.
  • Clever Valve universal thumblock head.
  • Automatically adjusts to either Schrader or Presta valve.
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    Revolution Air Track Pump Sport

    A new low price for a quality track pump.

    Our original Revolution Air Track Pump was a Best Buy - '9/10 Top quality track pump on an amazing budget.' Cycling Plus: October 2004.

    A few years on, we have taken the original pump's most important features - the long sturdy steel barrel and the Clever Valve thumblock head - and created an even better value pump.

    • The 51cm-long steel barrel delivers more air per stroke than any portable pump.
    • The pump’s Clever Valve universal thumblock head automatically adjusts to either type of valve - no need to reverse the pump head's internals when you switch between inflating Presta and Schrader valves.
    • The 0-160psi pressure gauge is 20cm off the ground, so it’s easier to read than a regular bottom-mounted gauge.
    • Its ergonomic rubber-coated handle is comfortable to grasp.
    • 1,245g.
    • As well as receiving plaudits from our customers, the Revolution Air Track Pump Sport achieved a very respectable 9/10 score when it was reviewed by back in 2008. Read the Review.

    Why buy a track pump?

    Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure and you will ride easier on a cushion of air. Ride your tyres too soft and they’ll wear out 4-times faster, and you’ll be far more likely to suffer punctures.

    But isn’t inflating tyres a pain? Not if you own a good track pump. With your feet on the base and both hands on the handle, you can inflate a fat tyre from nought to 60psi in around 20 easy strokes. Last time I tried that with a mini pump, I stopped counting after 100 strokes. And if you want to puff up your tyres with minimal puff, minimal effort and minimal expense, you won’t find a better buy than the Revolution Air, sport.


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    4.6 / 5
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    My first time of pumping my bike tyres for myself but fairly easy to use although I needed some help so I will be OK for next time.  I'm a leisure/casual/new cyclist with a basic hybrid bike.   Glad to have got this type of pump as it saves a lot of time and no problems in the future when pumping up the tyres to correct PSI each time.

    Valve a bit fiddly to engage on presta valve and gauge needle fluctuates when reading. All reviews rate this pump so I shall persevere and hope that its just me and not the pump. I have not tested it yet over a period, so i shall reserve my overall judgement.   

    : Great pump! Tyres up to 90 psi in 10-20 easy strokes - and I'm a girl! Great value and great performance; this pump belongs in your bike shed.

    This pump is great. After buying countless, unreliable pumps from Topeak I was frustrated and hoping that Edinburgh Cycles own brand, Revolution, would be up to the mark. This product does exactly what is should do, and accurately too! It is half the price of any other track pump and feels like good quality. I run my tyres on 120 psi and the pump had no trouble reaching this mark.

    I can only agree with the glowing reviews already up - really sturdy and functional pump for such a low price. Good sturdy build quality, pressure gauge seems pretty accurate. Had to press quite firmly to get around my Presta valve but I think that's normal, I've only used smaller hand pumps before. Locked on securely when it was properly applied.

    Quite a well made pump and lifting the gauge up off the floor is a nice touch. The valve head isn't the best though. It's supposed to self-adjust for Presta and Sharader but it doesn't work very well, and if you use it for both it soon gets loose on Presta. But for what you're paying it's a decent enough pump that does the job.

    I bought this pump YEARS ago about 4 years ago to be precise and it has been flawless that whole time I have Schrader Valves on my bike and there has never been a complaint. It inflates tyres quickly no more pumping and squeezing to check the pressure and I can easily chage from on road to off road pressure in minutes. if you are wondering what to get, get this

    Bought this pump over a year ago, and it has had a lot of use. It has proved to be a useful addition to my cycle tool kit. I am sure that there are other more expensive pumps on the market which inflate tyres quicker. But there can't be many which match this item for shear quality and value at this price point. I would certainly recommend this to those that want a reliable, simple and effective track pump. Another excellent Revolution home grown product.

    I wanted to wait a while before posting a review to allow time to get to know this pump. I've had it a year now and it has functioned flawlessly. I have two bikes and use both the presta and schrader valve options on the pump which connect accurately. Pumping tyres is easy work requiring few up and down actions before my tyres reach the recommended pressures. Road bike tyres are especially quick to do. In its construction it is made well especially the central shaft which feels strong. Although the platform on my pump is not completely flat and rocks side to side a bit. I suppose this does not matter since when pumping both feet keep the pump stable. A product that should give many years of service.

    A brilliant piece of kit. Easy to use, topping up is a pleasure not a chore. Attaches to the valve easily and inflates quickly and efficiently. It is so good, I use it to top up the tyres on my motorhome to 4 bar, much better than my foot pump.

    Bought this as a back up track pump. However, not as voluminous as my Specialised AirForce, but just as good. For the price I dont think this can be beaten.

    I have owned this pump for 8 months now and it works as well as it did on the day that I bought it.

The dual valve pump head works brilliantly on the Schrader valves on my MTB, and on the Presta valves on my Revolution Cross '11. I have used it to pump up car tyres too.

I have used track pumps that cost twice as much that didn't work as well as this one. I would recommend this pump with no hesitation.

    Milton Keynes
    Lovely pump. Great action. I pumped up a mixture of presta and schraeder valves tyres on my family's bikes in no time. The bit you attach to the valve itself looks well engineered - for either valve type you just push it down hard then lift up the lever to secure it. It's airtight and works great on both valve types. This is SUCH a step up from a hand pump - I realise now I've never got close to the ideal pressure with my little hand pump. So, very pleased with this purchase and looking forward to many years of improved cycling!

    Recently purchased Revolution Air Track Pump Pro, what a difference with this product, so much easier to inflate the tyres especially to the correct pressure. Far better than an ordinary pump requiring so little effort to reach the exact psi required which changes the resulting ride so much better. A good price and well worth it. Completely satisfied with this item. Also as described on website. Good service and advice from Manchester staff too.

    This pump is fantastic value, works really well for all bikes. I use it on HP road tyres (Presta), miniscule Brompton tyres (Schrader) and even on my wheelbarrow! 
I was surprised to find it feels like a high quality piece of kit compared to my previous track pump and the clever head really does work

    I bought one of these last year and am still really happy with it. I use it to top up the tyre pressures on my road bike and my hybrid and it is much easier than a hand held pump. The gauge is easy to read and the valve head just clips on easily with a nice long tube attached. It is a really good price for a sturdy useful product, I don't know how I coped before I got this and wouldn't want to be without it now. Highly recommended

    Great track pump and fantastic value. I was struggling to get the pressure needed for my road bike with a compact pump so felt this was an essential piece to add to my toolkit and see the pressure gauge and build quality as a bonus considering the price.
    Ask a question
    Q. There were no instructions with this pump - not having used a 'clever valve pump' before, how do you attach and lock it in place to a presta valve? Should the lever be up or down when attaching, and then up or down when locked? and do you turn or adjust the head part in any way when fitting?
    A. The pump has a smarthead which will work with schrader or presta valves. To use the pump on either valve type you just need to press the head onto the valve and lock it on with the lever. The lever should be pulled out (up and inline with the valve) to lock the pump. To release the pump you just need to press down the lever and pull off the pump head. You don't need to screw any part of the head on or off.

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