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Revolution Air Track Pump Pro

(10 reviews)
  • The most robustly reliable pump we have ever used.
  • User-friendly top-mount 0-160psi gauge with XL hose.
  • Clever Valve universal head with micro-bleed button.
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Revolution Air Track Pump Pro

The most robustly reliable pump we have ever used.

Edinburgh Bicycle workshop tested - the most robustly reliable pump we have ever used (and I think we have tested them all).

Upgrades from Revolution Air Track Pump Sport

  • The 0-160psi pressure gauge is at the top of the pump, so it’s much easier to read than a regular bottom-mounted gauge.
  • The pump’s Clever Valve universal thumblock head has a micro-bleed button, so it's no problem if you over-inflate to 95 and want to take the pressure down to 90psi.
  • The pump’s double-length hose can more easily reach the tyre valves when the bike is mounted off the ground, say, on a workstand or boot rack.
  • 58cm-long barrel - everything else being equal, a longer barrel delivers more air per stroke.
  • Aluminium base (the sport pump has a nylon base).
  • 1,535g - the track pump is one bicycle accessory were heavier weight is a good thing.

Same as Revolution Air Track Pump Sport

  • The pump’s Clever Valve universal thumblock head automatically adjusts to either type of valve - no need to reverse the pump head's internals when you switch between inflating Presta and Schrader valves.
  • Ergonomic Kraton rubber-coated handle.

Why buy a track pump?

Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure and you will ride easier on a cushion of air. Ride your tyres too soft and they’ll wear out 4-times faster, and you’ll be far more likely to suffer punctures.

But isn’t inflating tyres a pain? Not if you own a good track pump. With your feet on the base and both hands on the handle, you can inflate a fat tyre from nought to 60psi in around 20 easy strokes. Last time I tried that with a mini pump, I stopped counting after 100 strokes. And if you want to puff up your tyres with minimal puff and minimal effort, you won’t find a better buy than the Revolution Air Pro.

Long-Term Test - a personal view by Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op staff member, Rick Chalton.

'I have more tyres than she has shoes - so I need a reliable pump to help with swapping them over.  We use the Revolution one in the Workshop here, and it's one of the only pumps that'll stay the distance; most pumps wearing out quickly in the high-pressure (geddit?) world of bicycle assembly.  The Revolution just keeps on going...'


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4.9 / 5
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Absolutely AMAZING pump. Having only used 'hand pumps' until now- the difference now using one of these 'track pumps' is just incredible. It makes pumping up your tires actually quite fun! Especially with the gauge so easy to read- I bought the 'pro' model of these wonderful pumps: and now that I have it, I'm glad that I went for this model instead of the basic one. The bottom legs being made of metal- and the afore-mentioned pressure gauge being up at the top instead of the bottom are well worth the extra money in my opinion. These Revolution Air pumps are really impressively made- looks like they will last a long time: and the valve system works brilliantly with my high-pressure valves. I cannot recommend these pumps more highly- great piece of engineering: and I would add that Edinburgh Bike Co-Op's customer service is wonderful- really helpful and efficient folks. GREAT- BUY ONE and make your life much easier!!

I've had this pump for a while now. It's great especially for the higher pressures that the cheaper pumps struggle with. The universal head saves a load of hassle. A couple of things to be aware of: 1. The head sometimes slips off an unthreaded presta valve. 2. You need about 20mm of valve to attach the pump head to. Comfy handle, alloy body and easy to read pressure dial. All in all a great sturdy pump and you'll not be disappointed !

East Sussex
I bought one of these pumps several years ago. I was immediately impressed with the quality: the all-alloy barrel and stand, the high level gauge (easier to read) and the long hose (easier to use with bikes on a work stand. The only thing that has failed is the clip on the upper barrel that holds the hose end when not in use. Some of the 'grip fins' that grip the hose head eventually broke - but this was after a lot of semi-pro work. The only real criticism - & the reason for not giving 5 star rating - is that the stand base is too narrow. If the ground you're working on is not uniformly level, if it has a few bumps and lumps in it, the pump tends to fall over when you put it out of the way after use - which can be quite irritating in a small crowded workshop or if you're working outside. I keep hoping that EBC will get their supplier to produce an improved version with a more stable base. That would definitely get 5+ stars!

Pretty large (never had a track pump before so my lack of knowledge at fault) but very well made, alloy body, sturdy components, very smooth and easy to use/reach a high pressure. Very impressed by both the item and EBC service.

I had never owned a track pump. Never heard of them... So, when I purchased a brand new bicycle I was surprised to discover that tyre pressures had to be accurate. I checked the website for the place that supplied my bicycle but they didn't seem to sell pumps (though I didn't ask). Instead I read some reviews and this was one of the cheapest on the market that seemed to receive a really great review. So, I ordered one and haven't looked back. The service received by the company has been absolutely first class. They couldn't have been more helpful. The pump is great. Easy to use, sturdy and pumps those tyres with little effort. I highly recommend both the pump and the company that sells it.

This was my first track pump and a much appreciated birthday gift, but having used plenty of friends I knew that this was going to do the job easily the first time I used it.

The connector is solid and feels very robustly made, it connects to both Presta and Schraeder valves easily (I have have problems with friends pumps that have a universal connector securing to Presta valves in the past). The bleed valve is a really useful feature and the hose is thick yet flexible and the solid handle is comfortable to hold.

What I really liked though is the valve being placed at the top of the shaft, plenty of track pumps place it at the foot of the pump making it hard to read the pressure, but here it is at the top with a dial so you have a easy to see red arrow to aim for. All in all a cracking pump and if I had to buy it for myself I wouldn't think twice.

Got this pump about 2 months ago. It's the business. I use it on all our bikes. The pump head adjusts perfectly for both Presta and Schreader valves. Dial in the pressure needed and watch for the needle come up. The bleed button lets you get the pressure just right. I take this with me when we go off with the bikes for days/weekends cycling. Love it.

This pump is brilliant………. it's more solid than the other track pumps I looked at.

The tyre attachment is very easy to use on both presta and scraeder tubes - You don't need to hold it on whilst pumping.

The pressure gauge is great for both presta and shraeder, for shraeder it ratchets up and stays - it made pumping up my MTB to 65psi a doddle.

Pumping my hybrid up to 120psi was fairly easy and very quick, I was thinking of buying an electric pump for speed and ease.. I don't need one now :)

Cons: Heavy, not for taking for rides. Falls over easily (not a big deal, one foot one the base stops that whilst pumping).

Summary: Grab one quick, worth a lot more, hand pumps are not in the same league.

When I fitted a pair of Schwalbe City Jets to my Specialized Hardrock (bought from EBC in 1993!), my existing ‘bargain’ pump wouldn’t inflate them to anywhere near the recommended 85psi. I compared prices and reviews of several track pumps and ordered the Air Track Pro. The quality of the solidly built Revolution pump is very impressive and, needless to say, it made short work of reaching the required pressures. The 0-160psi gauge at the top of the pump is ideally placed and easy to read. In short, the Air Track Pro is a top piece of kit and excellent value for money

I agree with previous reviewer. I've only used it for 2 months but when I saw it I knew I made good choice. The valve connector is massive and robust, locks on the valve really tight, base is really stiff, barrel very long, hose flexible and overall the pump is great quality. I think that cycling products made for Edinburgh bicycle shop are great value.
Ask a question
Q. I'm sick of buying pumps which I have to trash because of a simple wear issue that would have been fixable for about threpence by my grandad and barely even counted as maintenance, let alone rebuilding. So after that grumpy intro, to the question - can you take this pump apart to grease the O-ring/seal which I presume it has. Also can you easily replace these rings/seals.
A. You can get a rebuilt kit for the pump head here, but otherwise the pump cannot be disassembled - we would say that we use these pumps in our workshops every day and they last for years before they need to be replaced.
Q. I would like to purchase this pump but i need the measurements and the weight please as i need to pack this in my luggage. Thank you
A. The Revolution track pump pro is approximately 62cm tall and the base is 26cm wide. The main body of the pump is 3.2cm in diameter, where the pressure gauge is at the top of the pump is approximately 11cm wide and the handle 23cm wide. The pump weighs 1535g.
Q. My Air track pro seems to have developed blowback I have changed the pump head but it will not put air into a Presta valve and the pump handle almost blows out. Any suggestions ?
A. If does sound from your description like a problem with the pump head. If pressure is building up and the head is blowing off then it does suggest that the presta valve centre is not being pressed in to open the valve. Can we ask whether you have tried the pump with a schreader vavle tube and if so do the same problem occur? If it does then this could be a problem with the main pump internals. If works fine then we may suggest rebuilding the pump head again with a new rebuild kit (see here ).
Q. Does this pump lock on to the valve? I have tried adapters on my Presta track pump but without a lock on to the valve, I just can't work it. If it has a lock, I will order one of your Revolution Track pumps. Thank you.

A. Our Revolution Track pumps (both the Sport and the Pro) come fitted with a Clever Valve Head. It fits both Presta and Schrader valves, without swapping internals, and does lock by raising the Clever Valve Head's lever.
Q. Hi, what kind of warranty does it come with? How long and what's covered? And any other details You can provide.
A. We offer a minimum one year warranty on any Revolution product against manufacturing defects. The Revolution Track Pump Pro has moving parts that will wear over time and while general wear and tear is not covered under warranty we are always happy to support our own products. We stock Track pump rebuild kits so that the head internals can be replaced and should any other parts fail out with the normal warranty period we will, where possible, make every effort to source and supply parts from returned items or spares.

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