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Nikwax Wool Wash

  • Nikwax Wool Wash
  • Specially formulated for merino wool
  • Revitalise your woollies
300ml£3.99In Stock

Nikwax Wool Wash

Nikwax Wool Wash is suitable for all wool clothing, but is especially formulated for merino.

Given the price of a merino jersey or base layer (or even a pair of merino socks) it makes sense to take care of your favourite cyclewear by washing it in the right stuff.

  • Formulated for use in the washing machine, Nikwax cleans and conditions wool garments.
  • No machine? You can also handwash woollen garments with Nikwax Wool Wash.
  • Nikwax Wool Wash revitalises the natural wicking and fast drying properties of woollen base layers (a garment's moisture transfer capability will be compromised if its pores get impregnated with dirt) and helps maintain their softness.
  • Nikwax Wool Wash deodorises the garment to help prevent odour buildup and to maintain freshness.
  • Nikwax Wool Wash is very economical. This 300ml bottle will wash and condition up to 60 garments.

Nikwax was founded by a Londoner called Nick Brown whose first product was a waterproofing wax for hiking boots. Hence the name Nikwax. This was in 1977 - the year the Bike Co-op started. Still based in Britain, the Nikwax range has evolved over the years and the company is recognised as a global leader in producing safe, high-performance waterproofing, cleaning and conditioning solutions for outdoor gear.

An analogy
A poorly washed or unwashed technical garment will perform as badly as an unlubricated, rusty bicycle chain. Use Nikwax and your base layers, merino tops and breathable shells will perform like new.


This UK company’s cleaners and re-proofers clean and revitalize technical cycling clothing such as Gore and similar breathable waterproofs, synthetic base layers and merino tops.

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