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High Five Energy Source 2:1

  • Contains Supercarbs - a revolutionary carbohydrate mix.
  • Delivers 25% plus more energy than normal sports drinks and 40% better hydration.
Citrus2.2kg£29.99In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
Tropical Samba12 X 50g (Boxed)£12.99In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
Tropical Samba2.2kg£29.99In Stock

High Five EnergySource 2:1

The ultimate race-proven endurance mix

High Five EnergySource 2:1 is a high-carbohydrate concentrated glucose polymer drinks mix, specially formulated for sustained energy whether you are an elite or a recreational cyclist/athlete.

High Five EnergySource contains Supercarbs - a revolutionary carbohydrate mix that delivers 25% plus more energy than normal sports drinks and 40% better hydration. When tested at the University of Herts against a normal energy drink it improved time trial performance by 6.5%.

  • Real fruit juice flavour for a light refreshing taste.
  • Highly concentrated, but not too sweet.
  • Immediately dissolves in cold water.
  • Complex carbohydrate (glucose polymer) and fructose blend.
  • Suitable for diabetics.
  • Fat free.
  • Gentle on the stomach and easily metabolised, even when you're racing hard.
  • Contains electrolytes for maximum water and carbohydrate absorption.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • GMO free.
  • Contains all the essential electrolytes.
  • Low Osmolality - High Five EnergySource is rapidly absorbed and is highly stable in the stomach.
  • Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Fructose, Natural Flavours, Flavouring, Citric Acid, Tri Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Citrate.
  • 97g carbohydrate per 100g.

'I was a High5 test subject, so was one of the first to race on Super Carb's. I took 25 minutes off last years Lanzarote Ironman time, consuming Supercarbs throughout, just a little water at the far aid station - that's incredible. I finished Lanzarote feeling strong, not reaching for the line desperately. No saline drip for me thank you.'
Ian Hughes: triathlete.


Tropical Samba2.2kg5027492995060
Tropical Samba12 X 50g (Boxed)5027492997989
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