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Genesis Day 01 Alfine 8 '13

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  • Unique Alfine hub gear / Avid BB disc brake-equipped / drop-bar / cross bike-style commuter/hybrid bike.
  • Features Shimano Virsa STI Dual Control levers for drop handlebars and Alfine 8-speed hub gears.
  • The Reynolds 520 frame is matched with a butted CrMo fork to deliver a comfortable engaging ride.
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Genesis Day 01 Alfine

The Genesis Day 01 Alfine is a unique Alfine hub gear / Avid BB disc brake-equipped / drop-bar / cross bike-style commuter/hybrid bike.

Genesis bikes are the creation of Shimano’s UK importer, Madison, so they usually have first dibs on the latest Shimano innovations. The Day 01 is one of the few production bikes that matches Shimano’s most advanced disc brake-compatible Alfine 8-speed hub with Shimano Virsa STI Dual Control levers for drop handlebars. (Alfine levers were previously exclusively made for flat bars.)

Add Avid's super-reliable BB5 ball-bearing-actuated mechanical disc brakes to a bike that's already equipped with low-maintenance enclosed hub gears and versatile 700x35 Continental Cyclo-Cross tyres and you have one unique, versatile, all-weather bicycle.

Cross Bikes
Cross bikes are inspired by cyclo-cross - a century-old sport pioneered by road riders who fitted wider, more knobbly tyres (but not as wide or knobbly as a mountain bike’s) to their road bikes so they could race cross-country in winter.

Built with sufficient clearance to fit full mudguards and a rack, a cross bike can be the perfect year-round bicycle if you’re looking for a fast, engaging drop-bar road bike that can happily cope with a light snowy road ride or a muddy off-road excursion.

As with any type of bike, cross bikes are defined by their tyres, which are generally 700x35 and mildly knobbly. Any of these bikes could comfortably take a smoother, slimmer tyre, down to 700x25. The bike is then transformed into a fast touring/commuting or even an entry-level racing/triathlon bike.

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Genesis are a British bike company who have become world renowned for producing exceptionally cleanly-designed bikes of distinct character. Their category-defining Croix de Fer cross bikes - all built with Reynolds steel frames - are Genesis' deserved best sellers. If you are looking for the low maintenance simplicity of a single speed or hub geared bike, check the Genesis Day 01 range - every one also built on a Reynolds butted steel frame.

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FRAME Reynolds 520 Steel
FORK Double Butted Cro-Mo unicrown (w/ mudguard eyelet low rider bosses)
SHIFTERS Virsa VRS-8 8spd
CHAINSET Driveline TK-13 40T 3/32"
BOTTOM BRACKET Cartridge Type 68x110mm
FREEWHEEL Alfine 20T Sprocket
HUBS KT Ind. 6-Bolt Disc/Shimano Alfine SG-S501 8sp CL Disc
RIMS Alex G2000 Disc
SPOKES Stainless Black w/ brass nipples
TYRES Conti Cyclocross Race 35c (wire bead)
BRAKES Avid BB5 Mechanical Road (160mm rotors)
Weight 12.76kg / 28.12lbs

This weight is based upon a 56cm sized example of this bike. We weighed the complete bike as you would receive it, complete with pedals and EN / BS-approved reflectors and bell.

4.5 / 5
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Long Crichel
I love this bike. It's comfortable (once I'd changed the saddle), with sensible gear ratios, excellent brakes, and great looks. The Alfine hub does exactly what it's supposed to. It may be on the heavy side but it's totally bomb-proof and designed to go where your road bike won't. Things to get used to? Fixing a rear wheel puncture is definitely not a quick roadside job. The brakes need regular fettling to prevent them squeaking. Gear changes can be unpredictable when wearing gloves if you don't avoid pressing both levers at once...Look after it and it will look after you.

Cheadle Hulme
Great commuting bike. The alfine hub works really well, it's smooth quiet and I love being able to change gear whilst stationary at traffic lights. The gear range and shifters are ideal for a standard commute too. The disc brakes are excellent in the rain and give you confidence in the wet weather. The lack of maintenance required with the hub really is a bonus and the bike does look stunning. The down side of the bike is the difficulty of removing the rear wheel due to the alfine hub and it takes practice plus trial and error. The stock tyres are a bit flimsy and I upgraded to more robust commuting tyres. The mudguard clearance is tight but a standard set can be fitted with a little bending of the mud guards metal rods. Overall I'm very pleased with this bike and I would recommend it to those who want to try an alfine hub and especially the Genesis Day 01.
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Q. Please could you let me know what the effective range of gears are of the Shimano Alfine hub on this bike are, thanks.
A. On the Day 01 with the 40/20t chainring and sprocket fitted as standard the gear range in inches is as follows: 28.6, 35, 40.6, 46.2, 54.3, 66.5, 77.1, 87.8. If you want to compare this to your current bike or just want some more information then Sheldon Brown has a useful gear calculator here.
Q. What do you do if you puncture the rear tyre while out on the road? Is is possible to get the wheel out of the rear drop-out while on the road to put on a spare tube? Are special tools/techniques needed to handle the rear drop-out?
A. Whilst the removal of an Alfine equipped rear wheel is definitely possible on the move it is quite a bit trickier than the removal of a standard wheel. It's the sort of thing that once you've done it a couple of times becomes much easier. Rather than explaining it all here, it is probably best to search online for an instruction video as these will explain all the steps quite thoroughly.
Q. What is the weight of this bike?
A. Genesis don't provide weights for their bikes and we haven't been able to weigh a 2013 Day 01 Alfine. For reference we can tell you that the weight of a 58cm Day 01 Alfine 8 '12 was 12.68kg/27.96lb.
Q. Which mudguards and pannier rack will fit this bike? Would I need to change the tyres?
A. The Genesis Day 01 Alfine can be fitted with SKS P45 mudguards (see here) without needing to change the standard 700x35 tyres. These mudguards would work fine with narrower tyres if you do change to a more road orientated tyre. A disc specific rear rack would be required for the Day 01 Alfine. We would recommend the M:Part Ridge rack which you can see here. If you are considering ordering the Day 01 Alfine then we do offer free fitting for any accessories ordered with a new bike.

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