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Garmin Edge Touring GPS-Enabled Cycle Computer

  • Garmin Edge Touring GPS cycle computer.
  • Sat nav for cyclists.
  • Turn by turn directions.
£199.99In Stock (2 To 3 Days)

Garmin Edge Touring

The Edge Touring takes what Garmin have learned as a market leader in sat nav systems for cars to create their most user-friendly sat nav for bicycles.

'Simply enter an address or search for points of interest and Edge Touring will give you turn-by-turn directions to your destination(s). You can choose between cycling, tour cycling and mountain biking modes to calculate the most appropriate route for the type of cycling you do, taking you on paved roads, unpaved roads or on paths and trails.'

Garmin, a world leader in satellite navigation for cars, are also hugely respected for their GPS-enabled cycle computers such as the Edge 510 and 810, which are used by thousands of cyclists as essential training aids.

While the Garmin Edge Touring clocks you speed and distance travelled like a regular cycle computer, it is primarily designed to be used as a navigational aid, so it doesn't offer cadence, power or live tracking options like the Edge 510/810. It's the cycling equivalent of a car sat nav.

As a sat nav it comes loaded with the following great features which, as well as keeping you on the right road or track, enable you to plan, relive and share your rides.

  • It comes preloaded with Garmin Open Streets Cycle Map of Europe with digital elevation as standard.
  • You can add more maps via micro SD data cards.
  • Like a car sat nav, you input an address or postcode, and it offers turn by turn directions to get you there.
  • It allows you to scroll between three modes: cycling, tour cycling, and mountain biking: the latter offering off-road routes.
  • RoundTrip Routing: tap in your ride's start and finish point and it will offer you three options, with gradient profiles of each.
  • It alerts you to points of interest.
  • It connects with Garmin's Connect website where you can upload and save all your rides, and plan new rides which you can then download on this Garmin Edge Touring computer.
  • You can also connect with the Garmin Adventures website and swap routes with other riders.
  • It's compatible with Strava.
  • It uses the same easy-scroll intuitive 2.6 inch/66mm touch screen as the class-leading Edge 810 and 800.
  • The Garmin Edge Touring GPS cycle computer is rugged, tough and waterproof so you can confidently ride with it mounted to your bars in all weathers (unlike, perhaps, a high-end iPhone or Samsung Galaxy).
  • It can be used with gloved hands.
  • 3.5 oz (98.0 g)
  • The Garmin Edge Touring is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Run time: up to 17 hours per charge.

As a cycle computer it reveals:

  • Speed, average speed, max speed.
  • Trip distance and odometer.
  • Distance to destination, ETA at destination, time to destination.
  • Timer,
  • Estimated calorie burn.
  • Elevation, total ascent, total descent, gradient.
  • Grid reference.
  • Battery level.
  • GPS accuracy.
  • Sunrise / sunset.
  • Temperature.
  • Clock

Edinburgh Bicycle support recycling electrical equipment.


Get your Garmin GPS-enabled cycling computer at Edinburgh Bike Co-op online or instore. Free UK delivery on orders over £20.

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Q. Does this come with the mount or do you have to buy this separate?
A. I can confirm that the Edge Touring comes with a standard quarter turn mount to be attached to your bicycle’s stem or handlebar.
Q. Can you load onto and from this unit .gpx files or any other type?
A. Yes you can use .gpx files but we aren't certain about any other type. We have found this link which may help you however:

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