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Exposure Toro MK8

  • 1,800-plus lumen front bicycle light
  • Mountain bike night ride light
  • Out of town commuter light
£279.99In Stock

Exposure Toro MK8

This 1,800 rising to 2,400 lumen front bicycle light is especially recommended for mountain bike night riding and country lane commutes.

Trail Taming Output
1,800 lumen rising to 2,400 lumen on Reflex mode.

Reflex Technology
The Exposure Toro MK8 senses gradient, acceleration and cornering forces and automatically adjusts the output to your light requirement while maintaining the burntime you have selected. Reflex technology also reduces output when you're stationary to save power, then restores full brightness the second you start moving again

Battery Power
The lamps 8,700 mAh rechargeable battery is one impressive fuel tank that offers variable burn times from 2 hours at 1,800 lumens for unlit roads to 36 hours at 100 lumens for city use. For all that power, the battery is self-contained inside the lamp's case. The battery is fit for around 1,000 charges after which the light can be returned to Exposure's Sussex HQ to get the battery replaced at a reasonable price.

Optimum Mode Selector
OMS makes it easy to select how long a burn time you need for the ride and adjusts the power output to that level. OMS therefore helps ensure an optimal balance of run time and output. When you're actually using the light, an LED display on the back of the light updates itself to give you a continual countdown of remaining burn time.

Capacitive on/off mode switch
The highly sensitive stainless steel button on the back of the lamp makes it easy to switch modes - even with gloved hands - without having to take your eyes off the trail ahead.

Fuel Gauge
The fuel gauge changes colour from green to amber to red to further alert you of the battery's charge status.

USB cable or smart charger rechargeable
Supplied with 1.5A smart charger and USB cable charger. Charge time with smart charger: 9 hours.

Hand machined in the UK
Everything about this lamp exudes Exposure's trademark build quality. Even its hinged, machined alloy handlebar bracket is a thing of beauty. You can tell by the fact that this is the eighth generation version of this lamp that the Toro is one highly evolved bicycle light.

Flexible Mounting
Supplied with both handlebar and helmet mounts.

Smart Port Technology Plus
This port makes is possible to power, say, an Exposure Red Eye rear light from the Toro. What's more Exposure also also produce mini and micro USB Boost cables that would enable you to power your Garmin or iPhone from the light. These Boost cables are optional extras.

Intelligent Thermal Management
Patented circuitry protects the 3 LEDs from overheating so neither the lamp's output nor its longevity is compromised.

Compact and lightweight
106mm long by up-to 47mm diameter. Exposure tell us the Toro weighs just 236g.

Edinburgh Bicycle support recycling electrical equipment.


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