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Enduro Bearing

  • Enduro Bearing
  • A range of sealed bearings for bicycles
  • Covers many applications from hubs to pedals
6001 LLBABEC 3£2.99In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6600 LLBABEC 3£2.69In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6800 LLUABEC 3 MAX£3.99In Stock
6802 LLBABEC 3£4.49In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6802 LLUABEC 3 MAX£5.49In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6803 2RSABEC 3£5.09In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6804 LLBABEC 3£5.99In Stock
6805 LLBABEC 3£8.49In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6806 LLBABEC 3£8.59In Stock
6900 LLBABEC 3£3.69In Stock
6900 LLUABEC 3 MAX£5.49In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6901 LLBABEC 3£3.99In Stock
6902 LLBABEC 3£4.29In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6902 LLUABEC 3 MAX£6.59In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6903 LLBABEC 3£4.89In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
6904 2RSABEC 3£5.29In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
MR 18307 LLBABEC 3£7.59In Stock
MR 22379 LLBABEC 3£4.59In Stock (2 To 3 Days)
MR 2437 LLBABEC 3£5.49In Stock

Enduro Bearing

If a spinning part of your bicycle such as a wheel hub needs a new sealed bearing, you'll be pleased to learn we stock excellent quality Enduro sealed bearings.

To find out which bearing you require from our Enduro range, the best approach is to look for the bearing number stamped on the component's existing bearing.

Enduro ABEC 3 Bearings

Grade 10 Chromium Steel Balls
High precision balls are within 10/1,000,000″ round, twice as round as the industry standard, at it’s highest level.

52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races
Vacuum de-gassed process for the purest chromium alloy steel, hardened to R-62, extremely tough and very durable. Polished to a mirror finish for ABEC-3 precision and noiseless movement. Riveted Steel Retainer for toughness.

Seal & Bearing Types
2RS Type Seals - Standard seal type, this simply means 2 rubber seals.
LLB Type Seals - The most popular seal type. LLB improves upon the standard 2RS seal by using two razor thin seals versus one thick seal. This is done by machining a grove into the inner bearing race to offer better efficiency and less rolling resistance.
LLU Type Seals - This is similar to the LLB type seal. It uses a similar dual lip seal but with a fuller contact to increase sealing pressure. This makes them ideal for pivors or headsets. The increased seal pressure helps retain the 90% grease fill to better displace any moisture.
MAX Type Bearings - MAX bearings are specifically designed for suspension pivots. They use the LLU type seal and have 35-40% more load capacity than standard radial bearings.


Enduro top quality sealed bearings for bicycle bottom brackets, pedals, hubs etc from Edinburgh Bike Co-op online or instore. Free delivery on orders over £20.

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6902 LLBABEC 3185843000094
6001 LLBABEC 3185843000353
6903 LLBABEC 3810191012511
6804 LLBABEC 3185843000162
6802 LLBABEC 3185843000186
6803 2RSABEC 3185843000476
6802 LLUABEC 3 MAX810191012443
6902 LLUABEC 3 MAX185843000100
6901 LLBABEC 3185843000117
6901 LLBABEC 3810191012504
6600 LLBABEC 3185843000377
6806 LLBABEC 3810191011347
6900 LLUABEC 3 MAX810191012498
6900 LLBABEC 3185843000131
MR 2437 LLBABEC 3810191011729
6800 LLUABEC 3 MAX810191011354
6805 LLBABEC 3185843000155
MR 18307 LLBABEC 3810191013693

Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

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