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Bliss Protection Arg Minimalist Knee

  • Bliss Protection ARG Minimalist Knee
  • Lightweight cycling knee pads
  • Knee pads for mountain biking, trials, BMX...
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Bliss Protection ARG Minimalist Knee

Bliss Protection ARG Minimalist Knee Pads are indeed minimal. You could wear a loose pair of jeans over them and forget you're wearing knee pads.

  • For all their minimalism, this knee pad's impact-absorbing properties are tested to CE-EN (European) Standards.
  • Bliss ARG Armourgel padding is super flexible and shock absorbing.
  • The knee pad's 'inner sleeve' is a stretch nylon/Lycra/polyester fabric - similar in quality and feel to your favourite pair of cycling shorts.
  • Elastic cuffs at the top and bottom keep these pads perfectly in place - no Velcro strapping required.
  • The breathability of these knee pads is exemplified by the lighter, perforated fabric on the back of the knees.
  • Deserved winners of the Eurobike Design and Innovation Award 2014.

'Bliss Protection ARG Minimalist Knee
As the name implies, Minimalist Knee pads offer maximum protection and breathability with a minimum of material. The super slim construction and the three piece geometry feel great while riding and protect your knee against frontal and lateral impacts. The ergonomic cut and the use of an elastic cuff, instead of a Velcro strap, stays true to the minimalistic design. ARG Minimalist Knee Pads are also perfect for wearing underneath jeans.'


'The Bliss Story
Bliss Protection was founded 2006 by Matthias Ascherl and his crew. The guys at Bliss - all of them are passionated mountain bikers, skiers and snowboarders - were not satisfied with the current body armour on the market. Every product was - or even still is - too bulky and makes you look like a Robo-Cop. It was time to do something new, something different, something better!

Bliss Protection differs from other brands. Our main intention is to make it easier to follow your passion safer and more comfortable without compromising freedom of movement. Every mountain biker, skier and snowboarder knows that feeling after a couple of laps. Under thick plastic body armor, you sweat a lot and step by step it becomes more uncomfortable. You have to take a break, dry your equipment, or peel your armor off and ride without protection. At Bliss, that is the wrong way!

Bliss had a vision in the back of the mind: a revolutionary body armour. So it was time to get on the drawing board. After five years of R&D in the Bliss S2 lab the ARG was invented. It is a great new material with tons of innovations to revolutionize body armour. ARG is insanely thin, so it gives you a great freedom of movement. At the same time it is super flexible and breathable. All these attributes combined in a level 2 body armour makes Bliss unique. We reckon this is exactly what sports addicted people all over the planet are looking for.

Bliss created a new synergy between active materials and innovative design, so Bliss products became pretty popular with ambitions athletes. Also the industry and the media recognized this innovative product pretty quickly. Lets put it in a nutshell: Bliss Protection was proudly awarded the Eurobike Award 2012 and the Enduro Design & Innovation Award 2013. Also a bunch of the best mountain bikers, free skiers ands snowboarders like Nicolas Lau, Felix Wiemers, Flor Corzelius and André Wagenknecht trust in Bliss. These guys need products, which gives them freedom, movement and flexibility.

Making the sports you love a bit safer and even more comfortable and also supplying the world's best athletes with the products they need is what moves us, it's what we have in common and it's what we stand for.'

Bliss Protection

Bliss Protection make knee and elbow guards lighter weight and more wearable.

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