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Blaze Laserlight

  • Blaze Laserlight 300 lm front bicycle light
  • Projects a laser bicycle image ahead of the bike
  • 4.5/5. Daily Telegraph review
£125.00In Stock

Blaze Laserlight

The Blaze Laserlight is an ingenious UK design that combines a quality 300-lumen front light with a laser beam projection that gives fellow road users advance warning of your approach by projecting a green direct-diode bike symbol 6 metres in front of you.

Blaze can therefore make fair claim that their Laserlight is the safest front bike light for urban riding.

Sceptical? Well that eminent cycling magazine The Daily Telegraph gave the Blaze Laserlight a 4.5/5 rating when they reviewed it in 2014, and dubbed it 'the bat signal bike light'. Full review.

The lamps' aircraft-grade aluminium casing is diamond cut to a smooth finish. Its control panel is etched nickel - tribute to it being manufactured by PCH International: a company famed for manufacturing Apple products to the highest standards.

  • The Blaze Laserlight is built to IPX7 waterproof standards.
  • The marine-grade steel bracket will never rust.
  • The light only switches on when attached to this bracket to prevent potentially dazzling inadvertent operation.
  • The bracket is supplied with three rubber inserts to ensure it fits any handlebar diameter from 24 to 32mm.
  • A 4mm Allen key comes supplied to fit the bracket.
  • Its integral Li-ion battery is USB-rechargeable for convenience and economy.
  • Supplied with USB cable.
  • The Blaze Laserlight automatically switches to energy saving low power mode when the battery is nearly drained to offer 4 hours emergency backup light.
  • You can switch off the laser beam and use the Blaze Laserlight as a regular bike lamp.
  • Constant mode run times with laser on: 2 hours (300 lumen), 4.5 hours (100 lumen).
  • Constant mode run times with laser off: 3 hours (300 lumen), 9.5 hours (100 lumen).
  • Flashing mode run times with laser on: 2.5 hours (300 lumen), 6.5 hours (100 lumen).
  • Flashing mode run times with laser off: 29 hours (100 lumen).
  • 34mm wide x 115mm long, the Blaze Laserlight doesn't take up too much bar space.
  • Manufacturer's published weight: 182g.

Edinburgh Bicycle support recycling electrical equipment.


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