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Weldtite Ball Bearings

(1 review)
You need balls to make things go round
1/4''£1.99In Stock
1/8''£1.99In Stock
3/16''£1.99In Stock
5/32''£1.99In Stock

Ball Bearings

  • The ball bearing was originally invented as a bicycle component.
  • You still need balls to make things go round.
  • Each packet of bearings comes with sufficient ball bearings for 1 job and a wee tube of grease. For instance, the packet of 1/4" bearings will come with at least 22 balls - enough to do your bottom bracket or rear wheel.
  • While all the balls in a packet will be a consistent size, balls from a future batch may not be identical. Do not mix batches - e.g. don't overhaul your hub with 9 balls from one packet and 9 balls from another.
  • Don't worry if your original worn out bottom bracket or headset bearings originally came in a clip. You can replace the clipped bearing with loose balls. Clips are only used for fast assembly in bicycle factories. Clips can be merrily discarded.


  • 1/4" - most traditional bottom brackets require 11 x 1/4" ball bearings on each side. Most rear hubs require 9 on each side.
  • 3/16" - most front hubs require 10 x 3/16" bearings on each side.
  • 1/8" - freewheels and some pedals.
  • 5/32" - some headsets and some pedals.
  • 7/32 - some Campagnolo front hubs (Nuovo Record, Super Record, Record).


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Our suppliers reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative will do all it can to maintain prices and specifications on this web site, however we do reserve the right to change specifications and prices without notice. Similarly, despite the wonders of modern computers, it is realistic to expect the colour of any item bought to differ subtly from the image online.

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"Lots of wee ball bearings. The description suggested I'd have enough for the job (i.e. twenty or so for the front wheel), but there were a good ten spare after the job. What's good about these aside from the quantity? They seem regular and smooth, but I can't speak for their longevity until a long time passes. Otherwise, I mean, they're ball bearings, what more can I say? The included grease may have been handy if I didn't already have fat tube already on the go. Looked like enough for the job."
Ask a question
Q. Is there any chance the 5/32" ball bearings are 7/32"? Your commentary describes 7/32" as needed for older Campy hubs, but you don't list 7/32" and you don't describe a use for 5/32", as you do for every other size.
A. 5/32" bearings are generally for headsets and pedals. We don't currently have 7/32" bearings available which is why they are not currently listed online. When new stock does arrive they will be available to order online.
Q. Would the one eighth size be OK to rebuild the rear hub on your Trailfinder? Hub is making a 'graunching' noise and is 'sticky' in one spot think one(or more) of the bearings has split so will need replaced I hope the cones are unscored and will not need to be replaced . Do you feel it is worthwhile disassembling the hub and hoping it is just the balls or would I be better off (in the long run) just buying a new wheel after all the one fitted is hardly top notch and the rims after nearly 2500 miles are looking a bit worse for wear.
A. We would expect that you would require 1/4" bearings for the rear hub on the Trailfinder. That said this isn't something we keep on record so it would be best to double check. With regards to servicing the hub provided none of the cone surfaces are damaged then it would be worth servicing the hub with new bearings and fresh grease. Hopefully this way the wheel will last the winter and you can replace them when the weather improves.

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