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Abus Bordo 5900 Lock

  • Abus Bordo 5900 Lock
  • Sold Secure Bronze bicycle lock
  • Foldaway, versatile bike lock.
90cmOur Price £62.99 RRP £69.99In Stock (2 To 3 Days)

Abus Bordo 5900 Lock

The Abus Bordo offers the same level of protection (Sold Secure Bronze) as a similar quality D-lock in a more compact and portable foldable format.

Abus (the largest company still manufacturing locks in Europe) tell us that in their native Germany, Bordo locks now outsell their D-locks.


  • Strength - every Bordo is manufactured in seriously hard steel so it's at least as secure as the equivalent D-lock.
  • Flexibility - a Bordo can fit round railings, lampposts and similar street furniture that D-locks might not manage.
  • Portability - a Bordo folds up neatly into its own case, which can be quickly Velcro-secured to your bike frame.
  • Weirdness - its unusual shape and its flexibility might baffle serious bicycle thieves with experience breaking into rigid D-locks.

Abus Bordo 5900 Lock features

  • The Abus Bordo Lock's unique folding mechanism delivers high security in the most compact format.
  • Opened up, the Abus Bordo 5900 has the reach of an 90cm cable, so it can be fitted round lampposts that are too fat to accommodate a D-lock.
  • The lock's 5mm-thick steel bars will resist serious assault.
  • Sold Secure Bronze - tested by the Master Locksmiths Association to withstand one minute serious attack.
  • Given that Master Locksmiths can undo, unpick or destroy most bike locks in 10 seconds, that's impressive.
  • The folded lock can be slipped into its own compact rubberised 18x6x5cm case, which can then be fixed to the frame via the two extra heavy-duty Velcro straps.
  • Alternatively, the Bordo is small enough to slip into a bag or pocket that might be too small take a full size lock.
  • Supplied with 2 keys.
  • The lock weighs 1,034g (checked at Bike Co-op HQ in November 2015).

'The foldable Bordo lock uses a unique link construction to offer maximum flexibility when fastening your bike to a lamppost or railings. The clever design allows the Bordo to fold right up into its own compact frame mountable case. Picking resistance is also high thanks to the inclusion of the ABUS EC ‘Extra Classe’ cylinder.'


Founded in 1924, Abus are Europe's largest lock manufacturer. Purchase your Abus with confidence from the bike co-op, online or instore.

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