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Glen Tromie

By Neil and Janice Buxton
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Photo of Loch An t-SeilichOkay - you've proved yourself!

You've done the Ryvoan Pass and An Sluggan. You've laboured, battled and waded in rivers in Glen Einich. You've done Glen Avon and the Burma Road too, and frankly, your legs don't want to play anymore.

But you're on holiday! You MUST make the most of it. Well, try this little gem of a ride. It's easy, and it's special and it feels like a day off.

The first 8 miles are flat (well, Scottish flat). The first 9 miles are tarmac, yet you journey deep into a remote glen. It's ideal for families, newcomers to biking, or as we discovered, Glen Tromie is an ideal "rest day".

You'll need OS map 35 for this although the route falls off the bottom of the map so take along OS map 42 as well if you wish. It's a there and back ride so you can't get lost. Do it in August when the heather is at its best too, although it would make a good ride any time of the year.

Photo of trail path beside Loch An t-SeilichDrive from Aviemore to Feshiebridge, then Insh before passing through Drumguish. Park at the Insh Nature Reserve car park, just south of Drumguish. Take time out to look at the RSPB hides below the carpark.

Bike 1 mile towards Drumguish, crossing the river on the old bridge and then turn right into the glen. The first 2 or 3 miles of the glen will be superb in the autumn colours but it really gets going at the 4 mile mark as you pass Glentromie Lodge and head out into the wilds. The whole area is heather with lots of new young conifers sensitively and naturally planted. It is a credit to whoever manages the estate and glen (Gaick, I think).

The view everywhere is magnificent, with a lovely river as a bonus.

When you eventually come to a green and wooden house at about the 8 mile mark the road continues steeply up for a while. Carry on up and down the other side, passing the Tromie Dam and a small copse of conifers.

Photo of Tromie DamThis isn't on map 35 and we hadn't bought 42 at the time so it was a lovely surprise to see the views and Loch An T-Seilich. Admire the views. The glen now continues on an off-road trail.

We turned back at this point (the 10 mile mark - it was a day off after all), but the trail continues on an easy track passing the loch and Gaick Lodge and then further on. We'll do this another time and update the route too.

Authors: Neil and Janice Buxton.

This cycling route guide was republished by kind permission of Neil and Janice Buxton. You can see more of their cycle routes (including photos) for Scotland on their website.

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